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Guwahati: Girls molested outside nightclub
NDTV Correspondent, Wednesday March 3, 2010, Guwahati

In a shocking incident in Guwahati a group of girls was molested after they were leaving a Holi party at a city nightclub. Nobody has been arrested even though the police witnessed the incident.

A group of girls caught unawares just after they stepped out of a nightclub in Guwahati. Some were molested and one of them disrobed. What is shocking is that the incident happened in full view of the policemen who picked up just one person but let him off later.
On Friday evening a group of men accompanied by a local photographer wanted to gatecrash a private Holi party but when refused entry they called local television channels to film what they called obscenities.
The police was informed but they found nothing objectionable. When the guests left the party, a mob was waiting for them outside.
Lily Pui, one of those present at the party said, "We friends came here to have a nice evening and suddenly the police came and now the cameras."
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