This Article is From Nov 01, 2017

Rahul Gandhi's 'Pidi' Finds A 'Buddy' In BJD Leader Jay Panda's Pet

Buddy needs Pidi's help with a few tricks

Rahul Gandhi's 'Pidi' Finds A 'Buddy' In BJD Leader Jay Panda's Pet

On Sunday, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi introduced his pet dog 'Pidi' on Twitter

New Delhi: On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi's pet dog 'Pidi' made a stellar debut on Twitter - one that gave rise to memes, parody accounts and even mockery from the opposition. Taking a dig at his critics, Congress Vice President credited the energetic terrier for being the brains behind his recent witty tweets, which his detractors have been hinting weren't actually tweeted by the leader.

In a short clip on Twitter, Pidi displayed his many talents - folding his paws to do "namaste", balancing a snack on his nose and eating it at the snap of a finger. The obedient dog impressed many on Twitter with his training and #Pidi remained the top trend on Twitter for over a day.
Now, someone needs Pidi's help with some new tricks - BJD leader Jay Panda's dalmatian 'Buddy'.

Responding to the tweet, his fellow parliamentarian posted a video of Buddy introducing him to Twitter's current favourite - Pidi.

"Since opposites attract, #Pidi meet #Buddy: Has a mind of his own, refuses to obey, or learn new tricks, let alone tweeting. Can you help?" he tweeted seeking Pidi's help.

In the video, Buddy chases a ball thrown by Mr Panda but, sadly, never brings it back. His own version of 'fetch'.
While Buddy is yet to get a response from Pidi, but tricks or no tricks, they're both very good dogs.Click for more trending news