Meet Ruby, The Dog Who Loves Petting Other Dogs. Video Will Make Your Day

7.5 million views - and counting.

Meet Ruby, The Dog Who Loves Petting Other Dogs. Video Will Make Your Day

Ruby likes to pet other dogs at her daycare.

Ruby the German shorthaired pointer is a very friendly dog - and the world loves her for it. A heartwarming video that is going massively viral online shows Ruby petting other dogs at her doggy daycare, and it has everyone going "aww". 

According to Daily Star, the video was first shared on TikTok by Ruby's human, Alanah Lorraine of Ontario, Canada. The video, which Alanah captioned "Ruby always trying to make friends!", became a viral hit after it was reposted to Twitter by popular account 'We Rate Dogs'. 

One clip in the video shows Ruby patting a golden retriever. Another shows her with her paw placed gently on a dog's back, while a third clip features Ruby petting yet another furry friend. If you want to watch something wholesome and heartwarming, watch this video. It will make your day:

Since being posted two days ago, the collection of short clips has been viewed over 7.4 million times on the microblogging platform. It has also collected over 4.5 lakh 'likes' and nearly 90,000 'retweets'. In the comments section, many have professed their undying love for Ruby, while others have jokingly scolded her for not practicing social distancing.

Some Twitter users shared adorable videos of their own affectionate pets:

What do you think of Ruby's social skills? Let us know using the comments section. 

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