Dua Lipa Gives Main Character Energy In A Moody Sheer Black Lace Gown

Dua Lipa takes minimal red carpet fashion to another extreme in a barely-there black sheer lace gown

Dua Lipa Gives Main Character Energy In A Moody Sheer Black Lace Gown

Dua Lipa's red carpet fashion is black, sheer and a sure shot winner

When worn perfectly to match the aura of the one wearing it, the classic black gown will always cease to amaze onlookers more so if it is Dua Lipa the one wearing it. At the recently held Academy Museum gala in LA, the British pop sensation made waves and turned heads in a rather revealing black ensemble from Chanel. Crafted in delicate sheer black lace, the singer layered the formfitting long dress over a basic black bikini set that created a look that was both sophisticated and daring in equal measure. Dua Lipa loves to push the boundaries of minimal dressing often in the most literal sense. The dress, with the delicate lace and ruffles, was already the perfect match, but the singer went ahead and styled her cherry cola hair to convince us there was always room for more. Topped with a diamond necklace and earrings set from Tiffany and Co., it's not just her "levitating" on the red carpet, but us too in admiration of her.

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Dua Lipa is in her femme fatale era and she is making sure to look the part in black lace gowns where her cherry cola hair does the rest of the job. There's more to her black sheer business and before she landed in LA, she was taking the streets of NYC in a strapless black lace gown and black boots. Her long fur trench may kept her warm on a misty winter night, but did she know it took her close to nothing to transform the streets of NYC into her personal runway?

All this while we thought it took us just "one kiss" to fall in love with her, but turns out, that just one black lace dress is enough for us really.

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