An Arm Stack And Chunky Rings Don't Hurt Shah Rukh Khan Wearing Nothing Else But Jeans

With jeans and jewels, Shah Rukh Khan looks raw, rustic and so inviting for this digital campaign

An Arm Stack And Chunky Rings Don't Hurt Shah Rukh Khan Wearing Nothing Else But Jeans

Shah Rukh Khan proves that shirtless with chunky jewels is a good combination.

King of Bollywood he may be but also a global icon on many fronts. Fitness is certainly one of those feats, but God also lies in the details and when reading between the lines, (or should we say the abs) picking the right accessories just so happens to be one of his strong suits too. When he wears a crisp dark suit, a casual tee and jeans or frankly none of the above, it isn't a look without suitable accessories to match the vibe. For D'yavol's latest campaign, Shah Rukh Khan wears chunky accessories from steel bracelets and alphabetical rings to layered necklaces with a pair of jeans and nothing at all. Everyone knows his love for sunglasses and so is the case for the moodboard of this digital campaign too. In case you've missed it, Shah Rukh Khan has been donning a rather new aesthetic. It's raw, messy and grunge but not to be mistaken with it being unkept because that will never be the case. His long locks add to the rustic appeal of this latest post, and might we agree there's nothing King Khan cannot do?

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The length of his hair may not be forever consistent but if there is anything that certainly is then that's his style quotient in the reel and real life. At the opening ceremony of WPL 2024, not only was India's patented ladies' man present at the event, but he continued to charm everyone with a dance performance. He was all black and chunky bling to make men and women sway to his tunes and energy once again but in style.

Shah Rukh Khan's style quotient with or without a t-shirt is proof that there's no room for error.

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