Halloween 2020: Costumes, Cards, Spooky Treats For Halloween At Home

Halloween 2020: Amid the pandemic, it's best to enjoy Halloween at home. These costume, card and fun food ideas may help you enjoy a spooky socially distanced Halloween at home over the weekend.

Halloween 2020: Costumes, Cards, Spooky Treats For Halloween At Home

Halloween Day 2020 images: Enjoy a safe Halloween at home!

Halloween 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic is best spent having fun at home. What's more, it will be a Blue Moon Halloween on October 31. Does it sound spookier? The last time such a phenomena was seen on Halloween was in 1944 and according to the NASA the next Halloween Blue Moon will occur in 2039! So be ready to get scared - ghosts, ghouls, and goblins may turn up to target your candy bags! Here's a look at how you can make Halloween really enjoyable at home with spooky sandwiches, ghoulish costumes and binge watching scary ghost movies. These Halloween ideas may help you to enjoy a socially distanced celebration at home over the weekend.

Halloween 2020: Costume Ideas


Halloween 2020 Image: Amid the pandemic, enjoy Halloween with family at home 


Halloween 2020 Image:  Plan a virtual party in Halloween costumes  


Halloween 2020 Image: Try this makeup on Halloween


Halloween 2020 Image: Costume ideas for Halloween night


Halloween 2020 Image: The proverbial witch on Halloween


Halloween 2020 Image: Try this look on Halloween tomorrow

Halloween 2020: Spooky Treats


Halloween 2020 Image: Is this pizza good enough for goblins, witches and gargoyles! 


Halloween 2020 Image: Have you thought of a spooky pizza on Halloween?


Halloween 2020 Image: This funny spider cookie is bound to attract people of all age groups


Halloween 2020 Image: Do these marshmallow fangs scare you!

Halloween 2020: Cards And Wallpapers


Halloween 2020 Image: Take a look at Halloween must-haves 


Halloween 2020 Image: Share funny Halloween cards with friends!


Halloween 2020 Image: Making cards is a great indoor activity on Halloween


Halloween 2020 Image: Pumpkin carving is a must on Halloween. Look up online for carving ideas


Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival celebrated on the last day of harvest in European countries and America. Over the years, Halloween is celebrated worldwide and has become very popular in urban India and children have fun with spooky costumes and treat bags. The history of Halloween goes back more than 2,000 years when people would light bonfires and wear unconventional costumes to ward off ghosts.

Happy Halloween 2020!