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What Is Better For Fat Loss: Short Workouts Or Long Workouts?

According to Kayla, it is important that you focus on the effectiveness of the workout, rather than its duration. Here's how short duration workouts can be as effective as long duration workouts for weight loss and fat loss.

What Is Better For Fat Loss: Short Workouts Or Long Workouts?

Make sure you give 100% to short duration workouts


  • The idea of long workouts being better is not always true
  • High intensity short duration workouts can be equally effective
  • They can help in burning maximum calories in minimum time

Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recently took to twitter to talk about one of the most common query that she comes across, "Are longer workouts better than shorter ones?". Kayla agrees that being realistic, it might not be possible for everyone to work out for an hour or two every day. What's more is that exercise seems to be the first thing that people drop when they are in busy schedules. In times when you have to juggle through many tasks in life, it might not be possible to take out one full hour for a good workout? So, are the short ones we do, equally effective?

What is better for fat loss: short workouts or long workouts?

According to Kayla, it is important that you focus on the effectiveness of the workout, rather than its duration. The idea of longer workouts being better than shorter ones may not always be true. The kind of workout that you do every day is the one which is going to make a difference to your fat loss capabilities. While exercising, make sure that you focus on at least two or three muscle groups, like arms and abs, legs and back, etc.

In order to achieve maximum results, it is important to incorporate different training styles in your workout regime to gain maximum results.

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Short duration workouts

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective forms of short duration workouts that can help in both weight loss and fat loss. HIIT can be done in anywhere around 10 to 15 minutes and involve high intensity exercises involving multiple muscle groups. HIIT workouts provide the benefit of afterburn effective, wherein your body continues to burn fat when at rest. Exercises in HIIT can help you burn maximum calories in minimum time.

Tabata workout is another short duration workout which involves high intensity exercises in a span for 12 minutes. It involves exercising hard for 20 seconds, then rest for the next 10 seconds, and again exercising for 20 seconds. This is repeated multiple times in 4 minutes. Three sets of different exercises can be done, thus completing a full workout in mere 12 minutes. The right technique of doing the exercise has to be kept in mind.

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Plyometric resistance training, a short duration workout, involves several large muscle groups at one time. Though challenging, this kind of training is extremely effective as it makes your burn huge amount of calories and fat. It can be completed in 28 minutes, informs Kayla.

Thus, if you are regular with these short duration workouts and are doing them with the right technique, you are on the right path to achieving fitness, weight loss and fat loss.

The best thing to do, according to Kayla, is to do both long and short duration workouts. Manage your time between long duration low intensity workouts and high intensity short duration workouts. Give your 100% to the shorter ones.

The idea is to be regular at exercising, and if you are on point with it, give yourself due credit.

Happy fitness, everyone!

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