This Article is From Dec 20, 2022

Winter Is the Best Time To Lose Weight, Says Expert. Here's Why

Weight loss tips: Many believe that shedding kilos in winter is quite a task.Recently, nutritionist busted this popular myth and explained why winter is the best time to lose weight.

Winter Is the Best Time To Lose Weight, Says Expert. Here's Why

Weight loss tips: You metabolism speeds up during the winter season

In winters, laziness and constant hunger are common issues faced by many. As soon as the temperatures drop, stepping outside for a brisk walk or even an indoor yoga/gym session needs more motivation than ever. You tend to avoid outdoor activities, eat more, drink less water and sweat less, which are probably the basics of any healthy weight loss routine. So, does it become difficult to lose weight during these cold months? According to the poll conducted by nutritionist Pooja Malhotra on her Instagram Stories, a majority of people agree that shedding kilos in winter is quite a task.

Weight loss in winter season: Here's how

Now, in an Instagram post, the health expert busts this popular myth of winter being linked to poor or no weight loss. Even though getting out of the quilts looks impossible, it's difficult to resist those divine and omnipresent halwas, ladoos, gajjacks, revadis among others. But, as per nutritionist Pooja Malhotra, despite all the factors weight loss is much more feasible during winter. Wondering how? Well, the body's "metabolism speeds up" in the cold months. Pooja Malhotra said that the body burns more calories to maintain body temperature in winter. So, if you remain physically active and eat mindfully, "winter is the best time to lose weight."

With just a little mindful eating and some structured physical activity, we can easily lose weight during winter. Here are some simple and effective tips: 

  • Don't ditch your exercise regime. Instead of intense gym sessions, sign up for some indoor group activity. Even if you are able to tweak in 3-4 workouts a week, you will be successful in keeping off that winter weight. 

  • Consume wholesome meals with all major food groups included. 

  • Avoid high Glycemix Index, carbohydrate dense meals including sugary cereals, breads, pastas among others. 

  • Your diet should include food items like eggs, paneer, dahi, lentils, cheese, whole grains and vegetables. Increase your fibre intake by loading up on leafy veggies and seasonal fruits. 

  • A handful of nuts and seeds are an ideal snacking option during these cold months. 

  • You don't have to completely give up on homemade Indian sweets like halwa, ladoos, and pattis. Consume it in the morning or as a mid-day snack but not as a dessert, post meal. 

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