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Weight Loss Tips: Taking Rest Days Can Keep You From Quitting Exercising- Know How

Workout tips: The importance of rest and recovery cannot be stressed enough. Read here to know how taking sufficient rest days can help you achive your target fitness and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Tips: Taking Rest Days Can Keep You From Quitting Exercising- Know How

There is no harm in acknowledging that you need time for rest and recovery


  • Not taking rest days can increase risk of injury
  • It can reduce exercise performance and negate effects of your workout
  • Taking sufficient rest to give your body time to recovery & perform well

Weight loss tips: If you are someone who exercises regularly, then it is inevitable to feel tired and exhausted. And this is the time to not quit, but to take sufficient rest so as to enable your body to recover. Talking on the same lines is celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itines on Instagram. In her recent post, she mentions how it is perfectly fine to take rest when you're sick or are busy with work or family commitments. If you take rest, it can help in reviving your energy, restoring sleep and facilitating muscle build-up.

Weight loss: Why resting sufficiently is important

If you don't take rest when you feel tired or out of energy, you may end up quitting exercising. So instead of taking a one or two-day rest, you may end up resting for 4-5 days or a week or two weeks, and will feel like beginner whenever you start exercising. This may become a repetitive loop.

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"The next time you want to get back into health and fitness, you'll be starting as a beginner again. There's no shame in being a beginner, but if you ever want to make progress, you are going to need to learn how to rest instead of quitting so that you don't have to keep going back to square one," Itsines writes in the caption of her Insta post.

Therefore, whenever you feel like you cannot keep up with your training and feel like giving up or quitting, make a conscious decision of taking rest, the fitness trainer recommends. There is no harm in acknowledging that you need some time to rest. And how much time you need can also be your decision. Taking rest is important to prevent overtraining.

When you overtrain, it can increase risk of injury, muscle spasms and reduce your exercise performance as well. Thus, working out with a fatigued or tired body will give you no results and may end up harming you instead.


Having rest days in between is important to achieve fitness more holistically
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How you can plan your rest days

  • "You might need 1 day of rest, 1 week or 2 weeks, it doesn't matter, what matters is that you plan when you are going to return to your training," Itsines adds.
  • To plan the duration of your rest, you can decide the time and date as to when you will get back to your workouts. The same can be noted down in a dairy or your planner.
  • Doing so will keep you from quitting repeatedly. So, the next time you think of quitting or are burned out because of your workout, take a few moments to decide you need to take rest, and for how long you need to do it.

Ensure you take sufficient rest and give your body recovery time will enable you to achieve fitness, more holistically.

Happy fitness y'all!

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