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Weight Loss Tips: Doing One Workout At A Time Can Help You Begin With Exercising- Here's How

Weight loss tips: Set realistic goals for yourself and do not starve or restrict yourself of any food groups or your favourite comfort food. If you are facing challenges towards starting with exercising, then this is a must-read for you.

Weight Loss Tips: Doing One Workout At A Time Can Help You Begin With Exercising- Here's How

Weight loss tips: Do not compare yourself with other and set your own goals


  • Do one workout at a time
  • Set small and relastic goals
  • Work towards holistically improving your lifestyle

Weight loss: To exercise regularly, or to even begin with exercising requires a great deal of determination, motivation and discipline. It is because of these reasons that people find it challenging to inculcate exercising in their daily routine. Well, firstly know that you are not alone. Celeb fitness trainer Kayla Itsines mentions how one may feel scared, nervous or intimidated even when they think about training. "You might have the motivation to start training, but then there are so many things that can get in your way. If this is you, I do not want you to feel alone. I speak to so many women who feel the same way as you," she writes in the caption of her recent Insta post.

Weight loss tips: How to begin with exercising?

Itsines goes on to share a few tips that can help beginners know how to start exercising and from where to begin with:

1. Do one workout at a time

Begin with a light cardio routine following 2-3 weight training exercises. Or, if you are not comfortable, do only one at a time. According to Itsines, one can feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment by doing just one workout. And this, can motivate you to do the next workout in the following day. "Once you know you can complete that workout, that feeling of intimidation will disappear," she adds.

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2. Do not compare yourself to others, challenge yourself

For beginners, the goal should be to challenge yourself and not to compare yourself to what others are doing. Fitness and exercise performance is different for every individual. So it is important that you don't focus on anyone else, barring your own strength and stamina. If you are unable to do exercises, such as those included in Itsines' fitness programs, then you can do their modified versions to make them work for you.


When it comes to exercising, focus on yourself and do not compare yourself to others
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3. Set realistic goals

The weight gained over a period of say, six months, cannot be lost in two months. Changes that you introduce in your lifestyle have to be slow and steady. Doing so will give your body the time to adapt to those changes. Instead of setting one unrealistic goals, focus on two or three small goals that are more achievable.

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4. Do not restrict yourself

Restricting or starving yourself for losing weight or getting rid of that belly fat is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. Try to add healthy habits in your life rather than taking things away or restricting yourself. Work towards being physically more active, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating lesser junk food, drinking more water and sleeping well. All of these lifestyle changes can together help you be fitter, leaner and also help you lose weight.

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