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Weight Loss: Beware! Adding This To Your Salad Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss tips: Is salad a common part of your weight loss diet? Salads are extremely healthy but you need to take care of several factors when preparing a salad. Read here to know one common salad mistake you should be avoiding.

Weight Loss: Beware! Adding This To Your Salad Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss tips: Avoid adding creamy sauces to your salads for better weight loss


  • Swap mayo or creamy sauces with hung curd
  • You can also enjoy your salad with hummus
  • Balsamic vinegar is also a healthy dressing for your salad

Salad is one of the popular weight loss-friendly foods. You can prepare a salad in different ways when trying to lose weight. Salads are loaded with fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Adding these to your weight loss diet can also help you ensure optimum intake of essential nutrients. While preparing one you need to be very careful about the ingredients you are adding to a salad. Many also choose ready-to-eat options from the market but have you ever paid attention to the labels on them? Those creamy salads will definitely offer a treat to your taste buds. But these might not help you lose the desired amount of weight. Pairing your salad with a creamy sauce is also one of the common mistakes that need to be avoided.

Weight loss: Avoid this salad mistake for effective results

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares more about this common salad mistake in one of her Instagram posts. "Salads are great, aren't they? You get a lot of fibre, lots of free vitamins and minerals and such beautiful skin! But if you're having your salads with creamy sauces bought from the store, then you're really not benefitting. In fact all your good nutrients pale in comparison to the massive level of sugar and salt intake!"


Creamy sauces can load up your salad with excess salt and sugar
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The nutritionist further mentions that most creamy sauces are loaded with hidden salt and sugar. These may also contain synthetic preservatives and cholesterol spiking hydrogenated fats.

Adding cheese and croutons to a salad will also add unnecessary calories and ingredients to food.

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What are the healthy alternates?

"The low-fat creamy sauces are worse because they have an even high level of sugar and sodium concentration!" Batra warns.

She adds, "Stick to a fresh green salad. Spritz lemon, or garlic aioli (homemade) and olive oil dressing."

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You can replace the creamy sauce with hung curd which is a probiotic and contains protein too. It will offer you a similar taste and add to the nutritional value of the salads.

Hummus is also a great option that can help you enhance the taste of your salad. Further healthy herbs can also be a part of your salad.

So, enjoy a healthy salad without creamy sauces and stick to your weight loss goals!

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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