#MondayMotivation: This Easy Sofa Workout Can Help You Stay In Shape When At Home

Weight loss: Want to stay fit at home without any equipment? Try this workout routine at home using your sofa.

#MondayMotivation: This Easy Sofa Workout Can Help You Stay In Shape When At Home

Weight loss: Use your couch or sofa to perform these exercises


  • Perform this workout with sofa or couch at home
  • You should exercise regularly at home to stay fit
  • Eating a healthy will also help you avoid weight gain

With the novel coronavirus still very much here, fitness enthusiasts, just like all of us, have no other option but to stay indoors. This, coupled with no exercise equipment, may also make us lazier. However, we have got that sorted here. So, even if you are on a sofa or a couch right now, relaxing, recent Instagram video of Australian fitness expert Kayla Itsines is a saviour. The best part about this workout is that it involves zero equipment.

No-equipment exercise: Try this workout routine with sofa or couch

Itsines said she asked people on Instagram what she could do to motivate you to “get up and workout today”. She added a lot of people wrote back saying that most of the times they watched her workout videos, they were usually on their sofas or just relaxing, adding they saved her videos sometimes and then referred to them later while exercising.

So, this time, Itsines suggested to use the same sofa or couch to work out. “Now, rather than giving you a full workout to do, all I want you to do is try these five exercises to see how easy it can be to use your furniture to get moving,” she wrote.

Here are five exercises that Kayla suggests you do using only your sofa and without any equipment.

  1. Hip Thurst/Single-Leg
  2. Side Plank
  3. Raised-Leg Sit-Up
  4. Tricep Dips
  5. Incline Push-Up

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The celebrity fitness trainer said that a few of the aforementioned exercises were a great way to re-energise your body once you have already relaxed or spent time on your phone. “And trust me, I'm guilty of a big scrolling session too!" she added.

Kayla shares her "zero equipment" regimen on Instagram regularly. Last month, she shared a 15-minute workout programme that is not only quick and effective but also can be done any time throughout the day, anywhere.

“Complete each triset / superset with a 1-minute break in between,” the trainer added.

Here's the workout:


  1. Squat and hip rotation for 30 seconds
  2. Modified jump lunge for 30 seconds
  3. Straddle hinge for 30 seconds
  4. Complete 3 laps and then rest for 60 seconds


  1. Reverse tabletop for 30 seconds
  2. Plank and leg lift for 30 seconds
  3. Complete 3 laps and then rest for 60 seconds

Superset finisher

  1. Ab bikes for 30 seconds
  2. Half burpees for 30 seconds
  3. Complete 2 laps

"Not only are they easy to follow, but these low-intensity exercises are effective at engaging your entire core to ensure you get the most out of your ab workout," she wrote in the post.

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So, if you are a fitness enthusiast you might want to try some of these exercises that are easy to do at home.

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