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Looking For A Quick Abs Workout? Try This 5-Minute Exercise Routine By Yasmin Karachiwala

The expert has demonstrated a set of simple yet effective exercises on her Instagram. You can perform this 5-minute routine anytime.

Looking For A Quick Abs Workout? Try This 5-Minute Exercise Routine By Yasmin Karachiwala

Try this 5-minute workout routine at home to get toned abs


  • Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay fit
  • Try this abs workout that can be done in 5 minutes
  • You can perform this at home at any place

As we spend another summer in lockdown, it can be exceptionally difficult to find the motivation to work out and keep yourself fit. But just because you can't hit the beach in a swimsuit does not mean you should not be working towards flaunting your abs. If you are wondering how you can achieve this with no gym in sight, fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala has all the answers. And guess what! It will only take five minutes of your time. Before you say that it is too good to be true, take a look at the latest video that the celebrity trainer has shared on her Instagram feed.

Weight loss: Try this 5-minute workout to get those abs

In it, the fitness expert is seen demonstrating a set of simple yet effective exercises that you can perform in the comforts of your home. Sharing the video, she wrote, “This spicy 5 Minute Abs workout is guaranteed to make your abs burn! Do each exercise for a minute without any rest in between to get your abs on fire...Repeat for another round or two if you want to challenge yourself!”

The exercises shown in the video include:

1️. Tuck in Crunch

2️. Single Straight Leg Stretch

3️. Plank Tik Tok

4. Single Leg V-up

5️. Seated Crossbody Twist

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You can watch the video here:

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When at home, home-based workouts with a healthy diet can help you stay in shape. Try this routine suggested by the fitness expert at home.

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