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Weight Loss: Know How To Do Bicycle Crunches Correctly For Toned Abs

Abs Workout: Bicycle crunches work on your abs and offer many other benefits. Watch the video here to know the steps that can help you perform this exercise perfectly.

Weight Loss: Know How To Do Bicycle Crunches Correctly For Toned Abs

Abs exercise: Bicycle crunches work on both abs and obliques


  • Crunches are an effective exercise that work on the abdominal muscles
  • Side crunches can help you work on several muscles
  • Do not place your hands behind your head while doing crunches

A crunch is a classic core exercise that especially works on your abdominal muscles. It helps in toning your muscles around the abs, pelvis, back and sides of the trunk. Many perform this exercise on day to day basis. To make it more interesting, different variations of the crunch are usually practised. One of the variations is bicycle crunches. This form works on both abs and obliques. It also helps in toning the thighs and side abdominal muscles. Some might make a few mistakes while performing this exercise that can not only affect the results but may lead to strain or injuries too. Recently, fitness expert Kayla Itsines took to Instagram and shared a video to elaborate common mistakes you should be avoiding while performing ab bikes.

How to do ab bikes correctly? Here are some common mistakes you should avoid

The caption of the video reads, "This is an easy one to get wrong. So, if you do Ab Bikes often, I want you to take the time to learn how to get them right!"

Some do's and don'ts she listed are-


  • Rest hands in front of ears
  • Rotate at the torso
  • Bring knees in close to the chest
  • Extend your legs in a push and pull motion
  • Elevate your shoulders


  • Pull your neck up with your hands behind your head
  • Do small in and out motions with your legs
  • Curve your back away from the floor

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The fitness expert explains-

1. Do not use your hands to push your upper body-

Usually, people keep their hands behind their neck and bring their knees close to the elbows. Pulling your neck this way can lead to tension in the neck. So, keep your hands in front of your ears.

2. Pull the other leg-

Many also keep both the legs in the same position through the exercise. While bringing your one knee closer to the upper body, extend the other leg and push it.

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Watch the video here:

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Avoid these mistakes and ace the bicycle crunch!

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