Drinking Water With Meals: Is It Healthy?

Drinking water during meals: Many people do it to fill up before eating and eat lesser afterwards. Some people also cite weight gain as a reason to not have water during or after a meal. Read here to know what is the best thing to do.

Drinking Water With Meals: Is It Healthy?

Lime water is a healthy option to have during meals


  • Pure water is the best drink to have with your meals
  • Lime water infused with mint also makes for a good option
  • There is no harm in drinking liquid during meals: Nutritionist

You might have often heard that is not the best idea to drink water or any other liquid for that matter, along with your meals or after your meals. Weight loss, weight gain and interrupting with your digestion are a few reasons that are commonly cited for drinking or not drinking liquids with meals. Some also prefer drinking water before meals in order to fill up and eat lesser food. But is this a healthy practice? In this article, we explore if drinking liquids with meals is a good idea or not and if it can help you lose weight. Some of the drinks that are popularly consumed during meals is plain water, lime water, chaas or buttermilk, etc. 

Is it healthy to have water with your meals?

Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, who deals with functional nutrition at ThriveFNC, says that there is no harm in drinking liquids with meals, but it is definitely dependent on the kind of liquid that you're opting for. She says, "You can have liquids with your meals but what you have is more important. Nothing beats pure water. Mint infused lime water and ginger water also make for healthy drinks you can have with your meals. Lime water aids digestion and is good if you have it with your meals."


Pure water is the best drink to have during your meals
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She adds that there is no harm in drinking water with your meals as water is essential for your digestive system. "Some people believe that it is good to have two glasses of water before your meals in order to fill up your stomach but that is not such a great idea. Liquids should not fill up your stomach because you need those calories and nutrients from food for good health," she clarifies.

Ask her if having liquid meals work best with weight loss, she says that it is first important to identify the root cause of weight gain. Before going ahead with a weight loss plan, try to dig in to the reasons why you gained weight in the first place, suggests Mugdha. "Irrespective of how much water you are drinking before, after and during your meal, you should be able to lose weight if you find out the root cause of weight gain and work towards it," she says.


Identify the cause of weight gain before aiming for weight loss
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Thus, ditch all the myths that you have been believing so far about drinking liquids or ditching them during meals. The best thing to follow is what makes you feel good and healthy during a meal. Avoid drinking liquids before meals to merely fill up yourself and eat lesser. If drinking water with meals makes you feel bloated, then also avoid it. Drinking water or lime water or ginger water can aid digestion and promote feeling of fullness and keep you hydrated. As mentioned above, plain water is definitely the best choice for liquids you should have with your meals.

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(Mugdha Pradhan is nutritionist at ThriveFNC)

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