Did You Know There Are 4 Types Of PCOS? Find Out Their Causes And Treatments

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija talks about identifying the type of PCOS to help find the right treatment.

Did You Know There Are 4 Types Of PCOS? Find Out Their Causes And Treatments

PCOS: Irregular period, hair fall, acne and difficulty in getting pregnant are some symptoms of PCOS


  • PCOS affects 1 in every 5 Indian women
  • Weight management can help control PCOS symptoms
  • PCOS can also affect a woman's fertility

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS has become a common problem among Indian women in the past few years. PCOS is considered to be caused by an imbalance in reproductive hormones. It can lead to the formation of small cysts in either or both the ovaries and also causes complications during pregnancy. According to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, 1 in every 5 Indian women are affected by this disease. But before searching for treatments, you should be certain about what type of PCOS you suffer from. Pooja, in an Instagram video, presents the 4 categories of PCOS. She also mentions the ways to treat them.

The four types of PCOS

1. Insulin resistance PCOS

According to the nutritionist, it occurs in 70 per cent of the cases. As cells become numb to the effect of insulin, a condition called insulinoma arises which causes this type of PCOS. Abdominal weight gain, sugar cravings and fatigue are among its symptoms.

Regular exercise and movement are helpful to treat this. Avoid high sugar food and opt for a balanced diet. Reduce stress and sleep well to manage insulin levels. Supplements of magnesium, chromium, NAC and inositol can help.

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2. Adrenal PCOS

This occurs during a massive stressful period. Marked indicators are high levels of cortisol and DHEA.

Reduce stress levels through yoga, meditation and good sleep. Avoid high-intensity exercise. Magnesium, vitamin B5 and vitamin C can help support the adrenal glands and nervous system.


When suffering from PCOS, it is essential to remain stress-free
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3. Inflammatory PCOS

This type of PCOS occurs due to chronic inflammation. Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle lead to increased testosterone levels, which causes PCOS. High C reactive protein (more than 5), headaches, unexplained fatigue, skin issues like eczema are some of the symptoms.

Maintain good gut health by balancing gut bacteria, improving digestive enzymes and repairing leaky gut tissue. Avoid food that triggers inflammation. Help yourself with natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants like NAC.

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4. Post-pill PCOS

This occurs after stopping the intake of oral contraceptive pills. According to Pooja, "The artificial Progesterone causes a party in the ovaries after you stop the pills", and this can cause PCOS. Taking the pills can stop the symptoms temporarily but can worsen the condition once stopped.

This type of PCOS is a temporary situation and reversible. Good sleep and low stress can help. Nutrients like magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and zinc are helpful.

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Here is the video:

The nutritionist recommends that supplements be taken only after consulting a personal nutritionist.

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