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Weight Loss And Better Insulin-Sensitivity: Follow These Two Mantras To Manage PCOS Effectively

PCOS symptoms can be manages effectively with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Read here as expert explains two simple ways you must follow to fight PCOS effectively.

Weight Loss And Better Insulin-Sensitivity: Follow These Two Mantras To Manage PCOS Effectively

PCOS management: Exercise daily to maintain a healthy weight


  • If left uncontrolled PCOS can lead to infertility
  • Eat a healthy diet to manage PCOS symptoms
  • Strength training is an effective way to fight PCOS symptoms

PCOS affects women during their reproductive age. If not managed effectively PCOS can lead to infertility, type-2 diabetes, liver inflammation, hypertension, sleep apnea, depression and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. The exact cause of PCOS is unknown and leads to irregular periods, weight gain, excess androgen, hair fall and others. Weight loss, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle play a significant role in controlling the symptoms of PCOS and preventing the complications linked with this condition. Nutritionist and fitness expert Munmun Ganeriwal took to Instagram to share effective tips that can assist in controlling PCOS effectively and reduce the risk of diseases linked with this condition.

PCOS management: Follow these to fight complications

1. Lower body fat levels (improve body composition)

Weight loss is an effective way to improve the symptoms of PCOS. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight. Ganeriwal explains, "Amongst all the exercises, incorporating strength training in your workout regimen is crucial to improve insulin sensitivity and to better control insulin swings." She further adds that Structured and progressive strength training also improves how the body uses insulin.

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So, incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. She further recommends that weight training at least twice a week is essential to bring hormonal vibrancy.


Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and improves insulin sensitivity
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2. Enhance insulin-sensitivity

To reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and other complications, you need to follow steps that can help you improve insulin- sensitivity.

Other than strength training you can follow a few simple ways including a better sleep cycle, stress management, eating a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables and staying physically active. You can also add cinnamon to your diet as studies have highlighted that cinnamon helps improve insulin.

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"Studies reveal that strength exercise burns more calories (or fat) for as long as 24 to 48 hours post-workout! Better fat loss means better hormonal balance, better hormonal balance means regular and painless periods, lesser breakouts, reduced hair fall and enhanced fertility," The nutritionist adds.

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