Skincare Tips: Should You Give Up Sugar, Dairy And Gluten For Healthy Skin? Let's Find Out

Skincare tips: What you eat affects your skin too. But you might be wondering what to eat and avoid for healthy and glowing skin. Read here to find your answers.

Skincare Tips: Should You Give Up Sugar, Dairy And Gluten For Healthy Skin? Let's Find Out

Skincare: A balanced diet with optimum nutrients is beneficial to your overall health including skin


  • Your gut health is linked with your skin
  • Follow a healthy skincare routine for glowing skin
  • Avoid eating sugar of you are at a risk of PCOS

Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin. You need to carefully watch out for what to eat and avoid for healthy skin. Some believe that sugar, gluten or dairy should be strictly avoided. But many are not aware of what you should eat and avoid to get that glow. Some diet rules that work for others might not work for you. Therefore, it is important to understand how your body functions and foods that suit your skin. In this article, you will understand how to choose the rights foods for your skin.

Skincare: Know what to eat and avoid for healthy and glowing skin

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty took to Instagram and explained how to determine what to eat and avoid. "You have been told a million times to eat colourful foods and berries. And you wonder what to eat every day and what should actually comprise the plate."

"The first and the foremost function of food is satiation," says Dr. Shetty. You should eat foods you are familiar too including those you have been eating childhood or are grown around you. As your gut is used to handle these and are no stranger to your body. Then your body knows how to process that food."


Skincare tips: Do not skip adding seasonal fruits to your diet
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Many are recommended to avoid sugar, dairy or gluten. But are these bad for everyone's skin? Let's find out.

Dairy: There has been a lot of buzz over the internet about the effect of dairy on skin. Some consume milk daily and do not experience any side effects while others may face gut-related issues. Dr. Shetty explains that if you feel uncomfortable after drinking milk, then you can restrict the consumption of milk and milk products. But not everyone should give up milk. If it suits well, you should not stop consuming milk and milk products.

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Sugar: "Same is the case with sugar. Not everyone has to give up sugar. One can consume sugar in a limited quantity but if you are a little obese, diagnosed with PCOS or have a larger gut diameter, it should be avoided. In such cases, your acne can be linked with sugar consumption. You do not have to stop sugar in just its real form but in its all forms including jaggery, honey, stevia, some fruits or others," Dr. Shetty explains in IGTV.

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Minimise your sugar consumption if it leads to digestive issues
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Gluten: Not everyone is intolerant to gluten. If the gut gets uncomfortable then it might react with your skin as well. Others can consume gluten.

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Dr. Shetty further adds that not just sugar, dairy and gluten, one may feel experience side effects after consumption of poultry, egg, chicken or anything else. So, foods that affect your gut are bad for your skin. Don't make food your enemy. Satiation is an important factor other than nutrition that can keep your skin glowing.

(Dr. Rashmi Shetty is a dermatologist at Mumbai and Hyderabad)

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