Skincare: Expert Shares 5 Tips To Soothe Dry And Itchy Skin In Winters

Skincare tips: During the winter season you may experience dry skin. Read here as Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta shares tips to tackle dry skin in winters.

Skincare: Expert Shares 5 Tips To Soothe Dry And Itchy Skin In Winters

Skincare tips: Moisturise your skin frequently during the winter season to prevent dryness


  • Use an oil based mosituriser in winters
  • Drink enough water throughout the day to prevent dry skin
  • You can use natural moisturiser like honey

During the winter season, your skin needs extra care and attention. Dry skin is one of the common problems during the winter season. The cold weather results in dry, itchy and scaly skin. Many also experience sensitive skin during this season. Optimum moisturisation is the key to keep your skin healthy in the winter season. Along with this, you need to control risk factors that may lead to skin dryness. Simple modifications in your skincare routine, lifestyle and diet can help you ensure healthy skin this winter. If you are wondering what you should do to prevent winter-related skin issues, then here are some expert tips you should follow.

Skincare: Follow these tips to prevent dry skin

Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta who is a dermatologist shares some skincare tips in Instagram to safeguard your skin against the winter season.

1. Use a moisturiser in shower

You should use a milder cleanser in the shower to prevent extreme dryness. "Look for moisturising ingredients, like oats and honey, in your products. These will bring back the moisture and gently cleanse your skin." Dr. Gupta writes in her post.


Use a mild cleanser in winter to avoid extreme dryness
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2. Top off your body and skincare routine with oils

You should moisturise your skin right after your shower to lock in the hydration. Dr. Gupta further explains that you have a 60-second window. For proper hydration add oils to your skincare routine. These will create a barrier and are loaded with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. You can choose oil according to your skin type or take recommendations from your dermatologist to choose the best oil.

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3. Add a humidifier to your room

During the winter season, the air is dry and cold. Dry air also makes your skin dry and patchy. Adding a humidifier to your room will add moisture to the air and keep your skin happy and healthy.

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4. Avoid hot and long showers

Long showers with hot water are quite relaxing during the winter season. But these might leave your extremely dry. "Keep the temperature to warm and make it quick. The longer you stand in the shower, the drier your skin can get," Dr. Gupta tells.

5. Blot your skin dry

According to the dermatologist, your skin becomes extra sensitive in winters. Therefore, you need to be extra careful. Tugging the towel can cause more irritation. So, pat dry your skin gently.

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Adding seasonal fruits and vegetable is also necessary to maintain healthy skin. You should also ensure adequate water consumption to get that glow.

(Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta is a dermatologist and cosmologist at ISAAC LUXE in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai)

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