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Skincare Tips: Pooja Makhija Shares Simple Hacks That Can Help Clear Your Acne-Prone Skin

Acne: Taking small steps can lead to big changes in the long run. Read here to know how drinking more water and cutting back dairy from your diet can help in clearing out acne-prone skin.

Skincare Tips: Pooja Makhija Shares Simple Hacks That Can Help Clear Your Acne-Prone Skin

Skincare tips: Drinking sufficient water can help you have a clear and glowing skin


  • Consult a dermatologist to deal with the root cause of acne
  • Work towards improving your gut health
  • A healthy gut can help you have a clear and glowing skin

Acne can kill your confidence? Agree or not, acne affects our mental health way too much. And if you haven't already, do consult a dermatologist for reaching to the root cause of it and treat it a causative level rather than a symptomatic level. A few changes in diet can help in reducing acne and preventing sudden acne breakouts. Commonly recommended tips to control acne include curbing intake of milk and dairy products and oily foods. Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija shares more of such tips on Instagram recently.

Acne: Two simple yet effective tricks to clear out acne

Drink sufficient water

Now sufficient water intake does not mean drinking water only to satisfy your thirst. You need to drink at least two to three litres of water every day, to curb acne. "Your skin is a reflection of your gut health. If your gut is dehydrated, your skin is likely to feel dry and you will have more acne," says Makhija. Drinking sufficient water can improve your hydration, prevent constipation and also bring down skin irritation.

Another pro tip: Add 2 tsp of sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds to the first one litre water bottle. "It will automatically help in keeping the gut cool and your gut clearer," the Mumbai-based nutritionist adds.

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Cut out dairy from your diet

Well, it is rightly believed that reducing or avoiding milk and other dairy products can be helpful for people with acne. Milk, yogurt, paneer, buttermilk and cheese are all off the table if you are battling with acne. Reducing your intake of milk and dairy products means lesser lactose intake, which brings down inflammation levels in the body. Lesser inflammation can help you have a clearer skin.

"Dairy irritates your gut. An irritate gut can result in acne on your skin," says Makhija.

Pretty simple tricks these are, aren't they? Do try them for two months and feel the difference on your skin.

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(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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