Is Blue Light Harmful To Your Skin? Dermatologist Shares Tips To Prevent Damage

Skincare tips: Prolonged exposure to blue light emanating from laptop and phone screens can cause you to age faster and damage your skin. Here's how you can prevent this.

Is Blue Light Harmful To Your Skin? Dermatologist Shares Tips To Prevent Damage

Skincare tips: Too much exposure to blue light can affect your skin health


  • Blue light exposure can harm your skin many ways
  • Use blue light filters to prevent blue light damage
  • Minimise the use of blue light for healthy skin

Work from home has been an enjoyable affair for many of us. Waking up just in time to log in for our shift while still in bed, wearing comfortable pajamas instead of workwear, not having to rush from home to avoid that awful traffic are indeed benefits of working from home. Not to mention the joy of clear skin as there is hardly any exposure to pollution caused by vehicles and the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, it still does not guarantee glowing skin. Dermatologist Kiran Sethi reveals that exposure to blue light — the light emitted from our laptops and mobile phones — is just as damaging to the skin as exposure to UV rays.

Skincare tips: Blue light can damage your skin, here's how

In a video shared on Instagram, Dr. Sethi explains what blue light is, how it affects our skin and how to prevent exposure and take care of damage inflicted on our skin. “Blue light is a type of visible light emanated from screens. Phones, laptops, TV. The closer you are to it the longer your screen time the more you get exposed to blue light,” says Dr. Sethi.

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Blue light exposure can cause rapid skin aging, early wrinkling, early pigmentation, and collagen depletion from your skin cells. Dr. Sethi suggests a few useful and simple tips for you to ensure your skin remains supple and young and retains its glow.

1. Blue light filters

Investing in blue light filters for your phone and laptop screens can go a long way in ensuring your skin remains flawless.

2. Use sunblock or sunscreen

Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will help shield you from blue light. Mineral sunscreens have these in them.

3. Use antioxidant skincare products

Face washes or face moisturisers that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid will all help counter the harmful effects of blue light.

4. Take ample breaks

While working ensure you take breaks in order to reduce your blue light exposure.

Looking for more ideas to ensure your skin's good health and nourishment? Take a look at these useful tips. Use these simple tips to ensure your skin remains wrinkle-free, healthy, and glowing.

(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist)

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