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Onion Tea: Try This Desi Nuskha To Ease Your Sore Throat In A Jiffy

Onion tea: You might be surprised to that this simple tea prepared with onion can help you get rid off sore throat. Read here as expert explains how to prepare this and what are its benefits.

Onion Tea: Try This Desi Nuskha To Ease Your Sore Throat In A Jiffy

Sore throat can lead to pain and scratchy feeling that can cause difficulty in swallowing


  • Onion is beneficial to diabetes and hypertension patients
  • You can drink onion tea twice a day for relief
  • Onions are loaded with potassium and vitamin C

Sore throat is an uncomfortable condition that is caused by infections. It is a common condition especially during weather change and winter season. Pain, dryness and scratchy sensation in the throat are common symptoms that are observed. These symptoms can further cause difficulty in swallowing and a muffled voice. Several home remedies are often recommended to fight a sore throat. Gargling with salt mixed with warm water is one of the common remedies. Sipping warm beverages can also help you control symptoms. Here's one of these that you can prepare at home in no time. Keep reading to know how it is beneficial in this condition straight from expert and the method to prepare.

Prepare onion tea to fight sore throat effectively

Onion is present in almost every Indian kitchen. It is used in the preparation of curries or can be added to salads, dips, sandwiches and whatnot. You might be surprised to know that you can prepare tea with this vegetable.

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra took to Instagram to share the goodness of onion tea and how it helps to fight a sore throat. "Did you know onions cure a sore throat? Well, now you do!" she writes.

Onion is well-packed with nutrients like vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium and more. It is an allium vegetable that is loaded with antioxidants.

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Onion is loaded with components that can help reduce symptoms of sore throat
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"You can find much-needed relief from sore throat by drinking onion tea. Onion is considered to be the most powerful natural antibiotics, which can fight off both viral and bacterial infections, and ease the symptoms of sore throat. Onions contain sulfur compounds that help fight mucus and promote the expulsion of mucus from your airways," she adds.

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How to prepare onion tea

You can prepare this hassle-free drink in just a few minutes. Take one cup of water and boil half of an onion in it. Once it is done, strain and drink twice a day. You can also add some lemon juice and honey to enhance the taste.

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Other health benefits

Onion is also loaded with potassium that can help in controlling blood pressure numbers. Studies also suggest that onion is beneficial to diabetics as well.

In this weather, prepare this herbal tea and say goodbye to that irritating feeling!

(Loveneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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