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Morning Rituals: This Is How You Should Start Your Day For A Healthy Gut

Gut health: Sabja seeds can offer you multiple health benefits. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shared a simple recipe that will act as a natural coolant in the summer. Read here to find out this simple method.

Morning Rituals: This Is How You Should Start Your Day For A Healthy Gut

Gut health: Add enough probiotics to your diet to promote growth of healthy bacteria in the gut


  • Sabja seeds are loaded with fibre that can keep you full for longer
  • Sabja seeds should b a part of your summer diet
  • Start your day with sabja water to stay cool

Gut health is an extremely important part of your overall health and well-being. This is because any food you consume will reach different parts of the body as nutrients only if you have a healthy digestive system and gut. At a time when the need to strengthen one's immunity is of paramount importance, ensuring that your gut is taken care of is a necessity. But is there a way to promote gut health by sitting at home, using foods available at our disposal? Well, yes! This is exactly what nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has explained in her latest Instagram Stories.

Gut health: Try this simple trick every morning

The expert has recommended consuming one litre of water with one tablespoon of sabja seeds as first thing in the morning. Sharing a photo of the drink, she wrote, "Try this out. First litre of water with 1 tbsp of sabja seeds every day." Listing its benefits, she said that it was "great for gut health." Nmami also said that the drink had "great fibre content" and acted as a "natural body coolant".


Sabja seeds are loaded with fibre
Photo Credit: Nmami Agarwal's Instagram

During the summer it is essential to drink adequate amount of water. Adding sabja seeds to your morning can also help you beat the health as these seeds leave a cooling effect on your body.

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The expert had also recently shared a list of foods that can help overcome anxiety. She mentioned that a healthy gut can help you fight anxiety. She wrote, "Both probiotics and prebiotics have been shown to reduce level of anxiety. It's a good idea to add nuts, seeds, fish, yoghurt, idli, dosa and whole grains in the diet". In addition to this, she added that polyphenol-rich items such as coffee and green tea also help increase healthy gut bacteria.

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In the clip, the expert recommended focussing on healthy and wholesome food. She explained the need to include foods rich in Omega-3 fats such as nuts, seeds, or fish in the diet. Along with high fibre food such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, it is also important to have fermented foods like yoghurt, idli, and dosa, too, she said.

So, give your mornings a healthy start with this simplest hack.

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