This Article is From Nov 07, 2022

Keep Period Bloating At Bay With These 5 Foods

Let us look at the top five foods that can help reduce period bloating.

Keep Period Bloating At Bay With These 5 Foods

Ginger is effective in reducing period bloating and can be prepared in various ways

Menstruation, besides the bleeding, is accompanied by a host of other changes in the body that many have hard a time dealing with. These can range from abdominal cramps, and bowel issues to fatigue and mood swings. Bloating is another such issue that usually hits before your period begins. During this time, many women experience a persistent feeling of heaviness in the abdomen while other body parts also feel tightened or swollen.

Bloating is one of the early symptoms of menstruation and usually eases a few days after the menstrual cycle starts. If you too have been troubled by these monthly bouts of bloating, then celebrity nutritionist Lovneet Batra has come up with some foods to help you out.

According to the nutritionist, this bloating occurs due to changes in the progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. This change causes the body to retain more water and salt than normal due to which the cells become swollen and a bloating feeling is experienced, the nutritionist explained in an Instagram post.

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Now that we have peered into the cause of the problem, let us look at the top five foods that can help reduce period bloating.

1. Ginger

Commonly used to flavour the morning tea, nutritionist Lovneet Batra says that ginger is “one of the best foods for period bloating”. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties and consuming it during periods can help soothe your achy muscles.

2. Ajwain

Ajwain is another beneficial food to have during menstruation. While it is used to spice up curries and bread, ajwain also has a compound called thymol, which can not only help ease bloating but also alleviate cramps.

3. Fennel seeds or sauf

While fennel seeds are known for their refreshing aroma and taste, they are also quite beneficial for your digestive tract. As per the nutritionist, it contains a compound that tends to relax the passage in the gastrointestinal tract which allows for the gas to pass and prevents bloating.

4. Jaggery

This sweet ingredient is loaded with potassium and has low sodium content that can help maintain the right balance in the body cells and keep bloating and abdominal uneasiness at bay.

5. Banana

Bananas are high in Vitamin B6 and are also rich in potassium. With this, the fruit prevents water retention in the body and in turn eases bloating and provides relief from cramps. The nutritionist explained that the potassium in bananas helps flush out sodium from the kidneys which lowers blood pressure and eases bloating.

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