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3 Expert Recommended Tips That Can Help Control Blood Pressure And Boost Heart Health

The nutritionist said that a healthy heart depends on a lot of factors a good diet, good sleep, and proper intake of nutrients.

3 Expert Recommended Tips That Can Help Control Blood Pressure And Boost Heart Health

Heart health: Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to regulate your blood pressure numbers


  • Add good quality fats with desi ghee to your diet
  • You should have enough seasonal fruits to receive plenty of nutrients
  • A healthy sleep cycle is also crucial to maintain optimal heart health

National Nutrition Week, which is aimed at focusing on the goodness of nutrition and the do's and don'ts to be followed in our daily lifestyle and food consumption, kickstarted on September 1. It will go on till September 7. To celebrate the benefits of nutrition and a balanced diet, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and her team have come up with a series of Instagram videos to address one health issue at a time. Heart conditions and high blood pressure is a pressing yet common issue for a large number of people, and in the latest video shared by Jinal Shah, a nutritionist with Rujuta Diwekar, she speaks about the same.

Follow these tips for a healthy heart and normal blood pressure numbers

Shah said that a healthy heart depends on a lot of factors - a good diet, good sleep, and the proper intake of nutrients. She listed a few changes required in our diet and lifestyle to help us keep our heart healthy and maintain our blood pressure level for a long time.

1. Some unknown diet tips

Have a handful of peanuts daily- It is always said that wine is good for our health - this notion comes from the belief that wine contains resveratrol, which helps in keeping the blood pressure in check. However, any kind of alcohol adversely affects the heart. So, Shah suggested that peanuts and cashew should be included in the daily diet as it also contains resveratrol. Peanuts contain magnesium, which helps in regulating the blood pressure level. She also suggested that you should consume coconuts daily, in their traditional forms, to garner maximum benefit of the tropical fruit.

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Have a seasonal fruit every day, the nutritionist pointed out. It brings lots of nutrients to the diet, and is also a treat to the taste buds. Consuming one seasonal fruit, be it banana or chickoo or mango, can help us in feeling fresh and eventually keep your heart healthy.


Heart health: Make seasonal fruits a part of your daily diet
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Don't skip ghee- Contrary to popular belief, ghee is an important part of the diet. Even though ghee bears the bad reputation of being heavy in carbohydrates, its multiple benefits are often neglected. Having ghee with chapathi or rice helps us in feeling satiated and accelerates the digestion process.

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Use salt while cooking- Cooked salt is healthier than using salt directly on the food. Shah advised her followers to avoid processed and packaged foods, and instead, use optimum levels of salt in cooking. This will eventually help in keeping the heart condition healthier.

2. Exercise regularly

In order to keep the heart and the blood pressure level in safe zones, it is advisable to dedicate 150 minutes of each week to exercise.

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3. Proper Sleep

This has many benefits, more than you can comprehend. She advised that 30 minutes prior to bedtime, all gadgets should be switched off to calm the mind and the heart and prepare it for a nice sleep. She also suggested that her followers can take a little bit of ghee in their palm and rub it in the soles of their feet. It helps the body to calm down. Good sleep enhances bodily activities and in turn, keeps the heart healthy.

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