Get Fit Fast With This Functional HIIT By Yasmin Karachiwala

Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala demonstrates a few HIIT or high intensity interval training workouts. These push your body to perform workouts at a faster rate and improves ability to use and burn energy.

Get Fit Fast With This Functional HIIT By Yasmin Karachiwala

HIIT exercises by Yasmin Karachiwala's to stay fit

If you are a fitness enthusiast, there may be times when you want to take your workout to another level. If you are looking forward to adding that element of zing into your workouts, take a look at fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala's Instagram post, where she demonstrated “functional HIIT” for her followers. How often do you really do HIIT workouts? HIIT, or high intensity interval training, not only pushes your body to perform workouts at a faster rate, but also improves the ability to use and burn energy. A good energetic workout makes your day and keeps you motivated.

In the caption, Yasmin wrote, “I've added dumbbells into the workouts (listen to your body for the weights needed, I am using 4 kgs dumbbells to crush my upper body). Remember, it's not how much you lift, but how you lift.”

We can see Yasmin rigorously performing the HIIT workout in the video. In the caption, she also mentioned, “This workout was fire, I am still burning.”

Celebrity trainer, Yasmin suggests the following exercises for Functional HIIT. Here, ‘M' stands for modified version.

1) Db Reverse Lunge Variation 10 reps each

M: Alt Reverse Lunge

2) Db Renegade Row to Bentover Row - 10 reps each

M: Db Bentover Row

3) Db Chest Fly to Sit up - 15 reps each

M: Db Chest Press to Crunch

4) Db Crunch Hold with Alternate Straight Leg Lowers - 15 reps

M: Db hold with Alt Leg Raises

5) Alternate Reverse Lunge in Squat + Star Jumps - 15 reps

M: Jumping Jacks

Here's the video: 

In an earlier post, Yasmin had shared a 5-minute exercise routine for the abs that you can do anytime. In the caption, she wrote, “This spicy 5-minute abs workout is guaranteed to make your abs burn! Do each exercise for a minute without any rest in between to get your abs on fire. Repeat for another round or two if you want to challenge yourself!” Find out about the workouts here.

Take inspiration from Yasmin Karachiwala and try out the HIIT routine that will keep you energised throughout the day.

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