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Following A Low-Carb Diet? Beware! You May Be At Risk Of These Diseases

Low-carb diet may help in quick weight loss. But did you know, it may increase risks of coronary heart disease and stroke? Read below to know some shocking revelations of a new study on low-carb diet.

Following A Low-Carb Diet? Beware! You May Be At Risk Of These Diseases

Low carb diet may increase risks of coronary heart disease: study


  • Low-carb diet may facilitate quick weight loss
  • The diet may not be too beneficial in the long-term
  • It may increase risks of heart disease and stroke

Low-carb diets have gained popularity because they help in quick weight loss. But a new study has found that consumption of low-carb diets can increase risks of premature deaths. The study, presented at the ESC Congress 2018, stated that low-carb diet also increased individual cases of death because of conditions like coronary heart disease, cancer and stroke. The study thus suggests that low-carb diets are unsafe for health and should not be followed by people. In the past few years, different diets have been suggested to people for weight loss. But the long-term benefits of these diets have been debated many-a-times.

As part of the study, researchers examined the relationship between low-carb diets, deaths caused by stroke, all-cause deaths and deaths caused by coronary heart disease.

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Among the 24,825 participants, risks of all-cause deaths were higher in people with lowest carb consumption by 32%. Risks of death from coronary heart disease, cancer and stroke wereincreased by 51%, 35% and 50% respectively, reports IANS.


Low-carb diet may increase risks of coronary heart disease
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Results of the study were confirmed in meta-analysis of 7 prospective cohort studies where the participants were followed up for more than 15 years. People who were regularly on low-carb diet were found to be 15%, 13% and 8% higher risks of all-cause deaths, cardiovascular deaths and cancer mortality.

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Reasons behind this may be because of reduced intake of fruits, fibre and increased intake of animal protein and foods which contribute to an increase in cholesterol and saturated fat. Low-carb diets may also increase difference in intake of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which may further increase risks of such diseases.


Low-carb diet involves intake of animal protein
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Thus, it is always suggested to follow any such diet in moderation, and never compromise on your overall health just for the sake of losing weight. The right way to lose weight and gain health is to consumed a balanced and nutritious diet with regular exercise.