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Fat Burning Cardio: High Intensity Workout That You Can Easily Follow At Home For Weight Loss

Weight loss tips: The celebrity fitness trainer has focussed on a 'Cardio/Fat Burn HIIT' routine in her latest video. Watch the demonstration of the exercises here.

Fat Burning Cardio: High Intensity Workout That You Can Easily Follow At Home For Weight Loss

Weight loss: Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help in sustainable weight loss


  • Exercise regularly at home to stay fit
  • Also eat a healthy diet to optimal nutrition
  • Try this cardio workout by expert to shed kilos

With lack of physical activity while staying at home many believe that losing weight impossible in such a scenario. But staying at home does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your active lifestyle. No just the gym you can exercise at you home too and achieve your fitness goals. And celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has been consistently proving this with her Instagram videos. The expert has been uploading a series of varied routines that you can practise at home. These simple yet effective exercises can be performed alone or with a workout buddy.

The latest in the series is a 'Cardio/Fat Burn HIIT' routine, which is also her area of focus for the month. In her post, she wrote, "Hey Everyone! This month we're focusing on a Cardio/Fat Burn HIIT Series. Perform 3 rounds of 45 seconds each, take 15 seconds of active rest in between exercises and a full minute between rounds!

The cardio routine is made up of these five steps:

1. Rotating Scissor Jacks (45 Secs)

2. 4 High Knees + 4 Butt Kicks (45 Secs)

3. Rotating Mountain Climber (45 Secs)

4. Jump Slam Half Burpee (45 Secs)

5. Bird (Wo)Man Lunges (45 Secs)

The expert further added that you could follow the modified version if you need to scale it down. She has demonstrated the low impact version of each exercise. Take a look.

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Yasmin had previously also shared another workout routine from the series. This routine involved exercises such as Squat + Kick, Sit-up Double Heel Touch, Squat Thrust Sit, Push-up + Spiderman MC, and Squat Jump Rotation.

For all those who hate working out alone and swear by a workout buddy, Yasmin also suggested some simple exercises that you can practise at home with a partner. Sharing the video, she wrote, "Bored of working out alone? Look out for partner workout inspo here this month as I will be pulling both my boys @zahaankara @amaankarachiwala for some fun partner workout routines. Grab a partner who you can do these exercises with to make it more fun and challenging! If you don't have a partner, you can always do them by yourself, but do try to find someone to do them with for some extra."

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With exercise, eat a healthy diet and achieve your ideal body weight.

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