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Exam Time: 5 Diet Tips Students Should Follow To Beat Stress And Stay Healthy This Exam Season

Exam time is stressful and requires extra attention. Parents should ensure that the kids consume a healthy diet during these months. Here are some diet tips students must follow.

Exam Time: 5 Diet Tips Students Should Follow To Beat Stress And Stay Healthy This Exam Season

Eat a healthy diet to stay fit during the exam season


  • A healthy diet can help you reduce stress
  • Ensure 7-8 hours of sleep each day
  • Add probiotics to your diet to keep the gut healthy

Exam time is here. During the examination period, students devote more hours to studying than usual. For better concentration, it is essential to consume a healthy diet. The food you eat affects the functioning of your body in more ways than one. It is also essential to stay healthy during the exam season to perform well. A healthy and nutritious diet can help you ensure better health. Recently nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal took to Instagram to share a few diet tips that help kids stay healthy. The nutritionist mentions that eating right before the exam not only helps boost memory but also helps in keeping calm in stressful times.

Diet tips for exam time

1. Eat homemade breakfast

Start the day on a healthy note with a fresh homemade breakfast. Parents, make sure that you do not offer packed foods like cereals or instant oats to your kids as the first meal of the day. "These packed breakfast options contain synthetic molecules that are not recognised by our body and brain. Eating them will make the body dull and sluggish," Ganeriwal explains. You can prepare poha, upma, idlis, besan cheela or other breakfast options. Also, do not forget to give nuts to your child.


Prepare homemade fresh breakfast every day
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2. Add ghee to diet

Desi ghee is loaded with numerous health benefits and should be a part of the daily diet. Experts and nutritionists advise adding ghee to your diet. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can boost memory and improve cognitive function. You can add ghee to different meals.

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3. Keep gut healthy with curd

It is crucial to keep the gut healthy when the exams are near to avoid any kind of digestive issues. Curd is a probiotic that can promote healthy bacteria in the gut and also stimulate the secretion of serotonin which is a happy hormone, resulting in controlled stress. Do not miss the 'Dahi-Shakkar' before appearing for exams, tells the nutritionist.


Add curd to your diet for a healthy gut
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4. Choose unrefined sugar (Khaand)

"Sugar re-energises the body and brain. This provides the mental ability and energy needed for studying for long hours. Choose laddoos, chikki, kokam juice or neembu sherbets to add unrefined sugar to diet as well as to keep blood sugar levels stable," she adds.

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5. Eat rice

Rice being prebiotic can keep the stomach light and prevent bloating. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in the stomach and promotes their growth. So, eat dal-rice, khichdi or curd-rice.

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Also, ensure sleep for at least 7-8 hours to stay energised the next day.

Good luck!

Munmun Ganeriwal is nutritionist 

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