Bloating Remedies: 4 Effective Ways To Reduce Bloating And Keep It Away

Bloating remedies: Did you know that if you are struggling with constipation, you are most likely to be affected by bloating as well? Here are remedies for bloating that actually work.

Bloating Remedies: 4 Effective Ways To Reduce Bloating And Keep It Away

Eat slowly and chew your food properly to prevent bloating


  • Include probiotics in your diet to improve gut health
  • Improved gut health can improve digestion
  • Avoid overeating to prevent bloating

Bloating is referred to the feeling of fullness you feel in your belly. It is one of the most common indigestion problems that people face. Not chewing food properly, eating too quickly and overeating are some of the most common causes of bloating. In a recent IGTV, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal talks about how 70 to 80% women experience bloating. This condition is caused by excess gas production or disturbance in the movement of muscles in the digestive system. In her video, Agarwal recommends some quick tips that can help in keeping bloating away.

Tips to reduce bloating quickly and effectively

1. Do not overeat

One tends to overeat because of long gaps in between meals. An effective way to avoid overeating is eating frequently, probably in every two hours. It will considerably reduce your portion size and will prevent bloating and acidity.

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2. Eat slowly and chew your food properly

These two habits can together help in better digestion of food. It is a part of eating mindfully, where you enjoy your food to the fullest by eating slowly and chewing it properly. It is also an effective way to prevent and reduce bloating. Also eat your food while only focusing on the food. Avoid eating while watching TV or your phone or any other distraction.

3. Include probiotics in your diet

Probiotics in foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi and kombucha provide healthy bacteria to the gut and improve gut health. A healthy gut leads to better digestion and definitely lesser insantances of bloating.


Yogurt contains probiotics that can be beneficial for your gut health
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4. Do not ignore constipation

If you are struggling with constipation, it is quite likely that you will also feel bloated quite often. Drink sufficient water and eat fibre-rich foods. Exercise regularly and it will help in keeping bloating away.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, including all food groups in your diet and avoiding intake of sugary foods and drinks can prevent bloating.

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