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Top 5 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With Probiotics

Digestion and other top reasons that will make you swear by probiotics today!

Top 5 Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With Probiotics

Probiotics provide good bacteria to the gut


  • Probiotics can facilitate nutrient absorption
  • They can help in preventing food allergies
  • Probiotics help in fighting infection

Probiotics are important for a healthy digestive system. They are basically living microorganisms that provide the gut with good bacteria, thus facilitating better gut health. Probiotics can primarily be obtained from fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha, kefir, pickles, buttermilk, etc. Adding probiotic foods to your dishes can make them healthier, mentions nutritionist Nmami Agarwal in her recent blog post shared on Instagram. Combining probiotic bacteria with your food, like eating curd with every meal can enhance your nutrition. Read here to know some amazing benefits of including probiotics in your diet.

Health benefits of probiotics by Nmami Agarwal

1. Probiotics improve digestion: If you are someone who constantly faces digestion issues, then probiotics are a must for you. Probiotics can keep diarrhoea in children at bay. They can also help in preventing constipation and acidity.

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2. They improve nutrient absorption: When you consume probiotics, they are produce enzymes within the gastrointestinal tract. They facilitate better breakdown of food and better nutrient absorption thereafter. Including probiotics in your diet can reduce indigestion symptoms like gas and bloating. Probiotics can also provide the body with a good detox.


Probiotics like kefir can help in improving nutrient absorption in the body
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3. Probiotics help in preventing food allergies: People with food allergies can benefit by including probiotics in their diet. Nmami informs that probiotics can be helpful in case of food sensitivities. They have properties that can reduce inflammation, which is the root cause of most diseases in the body. Lesser inflammation means lesser damage done by free radicals that are actually responsible for allergic reactions to environmental and food allergies.

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4. Probiotics help in fighting infection: Probiotics provide the gut with good bacteria and helps kill bad bacteria. They can suppress growth of harmful yeast, viruses and other bacteria in the digestive tract.

5. Probiotics give a boost to immune function: Probiotics have the capability of increasing activity of white blood cells, the disease fighting cells in the body. They produce more antibiotics in the body. They also modify production off cytokines - substances that are used by immune cells for communicating with each other.

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(Nmami Agarwal is a nutritionist based in Delhi)

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