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Black Chickpea For Diabetes: Control Your Blood Sugar Levels With Kala Chana; What Is The Right Time To Eat And How

Are you looking for a diabetes-friendly diet? Black chickpea or kala chana can be the best ingredient for you. Black chickpea can keep your blood sugar levels under control throughout the day. Read here to know how to prepare kala chana for diabetes and when to eat it.

Black Chickpea For Diabetes: Control Your Blood Sugar Levels With Kala Chana; What Is The Right Time To Eat And How

Make a simple dietary change by adding black chickpea to your diet and control diabetes


  • A balanced diet is the key to handle diabetes
  • Skipping breakfast can create an imbalance in your blood sugar levels
  • Black chickpea can be a perfect element for your breakfast

Diabetes has become a common health condition these days. Every other person is suffering from diabetes which is making it difficult to lead a normal life. A diabetic has to be very careful about what to eat and what not to. They need to carefully examine the effect of every food on their blood sugar levels. There are many tips and lifestyles changes which are often advised to manage diabetes. Some foods can help you control your blood sugar levels which you can add to your daily diet. One such food is black chickpea. Black chickpea or kala chana is popularly known as a good source of protein. It can be added to your daily diet to control diabetes and blood sugar levels naturally. Most people consume boiled kala chana every morning as it offers numerous health benefits.

Black chickpea or kala chana for diabetes

Kala chana is an ideal food for diabetic patients. One serving of black chickpea contains 13 grams of dietary fibre. High fibre content contributes to better blood sugar level. It has both soluble and insoluble fibre. So, to keep your blood sugar levels under control all you need it a cup of black chickpea. Not just diabetes, it will also help you manage your cholesterol levels. If you are trying to lose weight then black chickpea is a good option for you. Its fibre content will also promote weight loss and fulfill your nutritional needs.


Prepare a fresh kala chana chat and lower you blood sugar levels naturally
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How to eat black chickpea for diabetes?

The best part about kala chana is that it can be prepared in various ways. You do not have to force yourself to eat the same old taste. You can prepare it in the way you like the most. Prepare a chat out of it or cook it with your favourite spices. The healthiest option is a kala chana chat. A black chickpea chat can be a delicious treat to your taste buds. You can chop tomatoes, onion, cucumber and green chilies into small pieces and mix with a cup of boiled kala chana. Add some salt and other spices according to your taste. In the end, add a tangy taste and squeeze a lemon to your chat. You can also add fresh coriander leaves to it.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should eat a healthy and heavy breakfast to ensure constant energy throughout the day. If you are a diabetic never miss breakfast because it can spike your blood sugar levels. Breakfast is the best time to consume black chickpea. A healthy mixture of boiled black chickpeas and other fresh vegetables will keep your blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day.

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Other Benefits of Black Chickpea (Kala Chana)

1. It is a good source of antioxidants which will promote heart health and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Fibre will control the cholesterol levels which also promote cardiovascular health.

2. It will promote your hair health as it contains ample amount of iron. Iron will control hair fall and boost hemoglobin production. Iron in black chickpeas can prevent anemia as well. Vegetarians can also consider it as a good source of protein.

3. Black chickpea is loaded with fibre which will boost your digestive health. You can consume kala chana regularly and ensure better gut health.

4. Black chickpea can boost your weight loss process. It will keep you full for longer and prevent you from consuming unnecessary calories. You can maintain a healthy weight with kala chana.

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