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Best Exercises For Diabetics To Maintain Weight And Blood Sugar Levels

People with diabetes are advised to exercise at least three times a week. But sometimes it can lead to a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. To avoid such fluctuations you need to find the right exercise regimen. Here are the best workouts for diabetics which will also result in weight loss.

Best Exercises For Diabetics To Maintain Weight And Blood Sugar Levels

Exercise should be a compulsory part of your daily routine


  • Exercise can help you beat diabetes effectively
  • Yoga will help you control your blood sugar level and manage stress
  • A diabetic patient should exercise for 30 minutes three times a week

Exercise is considered extremely beneficial for diabetics. It can help them manage blood sugar levels effectively. Exercise will also boost your overall fitness and help you maintain a healthy weight. But diabetic patients need to make a suitable exercise plan. It can sometimes become tricky for a diabetic to choose the right work out regimen. You need to see how your body responds to the exercises you perform. Exercise will reduce the blood sugar levels but you need to make sure that it does not lead to a sudden drop. So, to make a suitable balance you need to follow a workout routine which maintains a balance of blood sugar levels and help you reduce weight at the same time. Here are some best workouts for a diabetic, to avoid too many fluctuations in the blood sugar levels.

Exercise for Diabetes Control

Brisk walking

Walking is a great exercise for everyone. People with diabetes are strictly advised to walk for at least 30 minutes, three times a week. Brisk walking is a great way to exercise which can help you manage your blood sugar levels as well as your weight.

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Yoga promotes overall well being and has been in practice since ancient times. From weight management to curing several diseases, yoga can benefit you in multiple ways. Yoga will help diabetic patients as well. It will promote brain function, lower stress level, improve nerve function and many more.


Yoga can help you manage stress naturally
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Pilates has gained a lot of popularity these days. Regular practice of Pilates can result in impressive weight loss. If you are living with diabetes, you must try Pilates to improve your overall health. You will also enjoy a Pilate session thoroughly.


Swimming involves movement of your complete body. It stretches the muscles properly and results in weight loss as well. Swimming does not put pressure on one's joints which makes it suitable for diabetic patients. You can practice swimming at least three times a week.

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Dancing is a great way to relax your body and mind. It can cheer you up in no time. A dance session will leave less stressed and burn a huge amount of calories at the same time. You simply have to enjoy good music and choose your favourite moves. With regular practice, you will realise the goodness of dancing for your blood sugar levels and weight.

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