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5 Bad Habits That Are Making Quick Weight Loss Harder Than Usual For You

Quick weight loss: These bad habits could actually be the reason why you are unable to lose weight. Get rid of them now!

5 Bad Habits That Are Making Quick Weight Loss Harder Than Usual For You

Not sleeping well can interfere with your weight loss goals


  • If you want to lose weight quickly, avoid eating out
  • Skipping meals can interfere with your weight loss goals
  • Practice portion control for weight management

Bad habits die hard! And it is these day-to-day bad habits that can impact weight loss goals in a negative way. Your body has the tendency to go on a sleep debt if you sleep less for only 2 hours in a day. And the sleep debt only increases until you actually make for the 2 hours less that you slept on a particular day. The purpose of mentioning sleep here is to highlight the importance of sleep in losing weight.

Just like lack of sleep, there are other habits that may be making weight loss more difficult for you. Read here to know all of them.

1. Skipping meals when you're too busy

Are you familiar with feeling too hungry when you are bored, and probably not even thinking of food when you're too busy? Well, you must work on both these scenarios as they may be interfering with your weight loss goals. Skipping meals can be especially detrimental to health when you are following some weight loss diet. Make sure you eat your meals on time, no matter how busy you are. And, never let boredom be a reason for snacking or an additional meal in the day.

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2. You have no caloric goals

Just the way you manage your finances by keeping a note of your daily, weekly and monthly expenditures, manage your weight goals by having caloric goals. Counting calories might not always work the best for your health. You are likely to become obsessed with your weight and this can do more harm than good. However, if you are seeking quick weight loss, then counting calories can help you set caloric goals. It can help in determining how much you need to eat or not eat in your own set time period for losing weight.

3. You eat out too often

When you eat out, you are not in control of the protein, fat, fibre or carbs that are going on your meals. Even if you are eating salads or other low-calorie foods, there are chances that as a meal, they fail to suffice for your fat or protein intake in a day. The best way to reach your weight goals on time is to eat home-cooked food with natural and organic ingredients. This will enable you to decide how much fibre, carb, fat and protein goes in every meal of your day.


Avoid eating out too often for quick weight loss
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4. You are not practicing portion control

Without portion control, it is likely that you consume more calories than you should be consuming. Portion control an important determinant if you want to lose weight quickly. Use smaller plates, drink water before eating, fill up your plate with vegetables, avoid distractions while eating and add balanced macronutrients (proteins, good fats and complex carbs) on your plate.

5. You are not sleeping well

You may never realise it by sleep plays an important role in weight management. Make sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Having a good night's sleep every day can keep your hunger under control, make you feel energetic throughout the day and will also improve your digestion.

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