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7 Ways Your Body Is Telling You Need More Calories

Quick weight loss: If you feel irritated, experience headaches or are find trouble sleeping, there are chances you need to eat more calories. Read here to know more.

7 Ways Your Body Is Telling You Need More Calories

If you feel colder than you usually do, you probably need to eat more calories

Gain of weight is often taken very seriously by people. It can be a depressing thought for many, leading them to take extreme measures in terms of diet and exercise. This is neither good for their physical health nor mental health. Apart from exercising in extremes, people also go on calorie-restrictive diets and resort to starving themselves. This can affect the way people function on day-to-day basis. Popular weight loss diets like low-carb diet or keto diet are often confused to be starvation diets for quick weight loss.

However, these evidence-based diets are need to be followed the right way by eating the right amount of fats, proteins and carbs. That is the only way to lose weight in a healthy way and prevent any adverse outcomes on health.

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Here are some signs you need to eat more calories

While many people focus on eating fewer calories to reach their weight loss goals quickly, not getting enough calories can make you feel very irritated.

1. Constipation, headaches, irritation and mood swings are some of the first signs that your body is giving that you need to eat more calories, and healthy carbs, for more energy.

2. If you feel weak suddenly or a serious lack of energy, it is probably because you are starving yourself. If you are constantly feeling like, maybe its time to get up, prepare a wholesome meal for yourself which includes all the major food groups like fat, protein, carbs, fibre and omega 3 fatty acids and feel the difference! A simple meal like dal rice - which by the way is a protein-rich dish with the perfect amino acid profile - can also help you feel energetic again.


If you are facing trouble sleeping, you probably need more calories
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3. Hair fall is another sign that your body needs more calories. Hair fall may often go in sync with weight loss, but too much of it is something to be worried about.

4. If you are on a weight loss diet and feel colder than you usually do, and if this has been going on for some time, you probably need more calories than you are currently consuming.

5. Falling sick too often? Lack of nutrition is to be blamed. Giving up entirely on a food group (like carbs, for instance) can deprive you of the other essential vitamins and minerals that in the foods that you are cutting from your diet. This can hamper your immunity and make you prone to falling sick more often.

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6. Experiencing trouble in sleeping is another sign of lack of nutrition in your diet. It is only when you feel satiated that you are able to have a good night's sleep. Trying to sleep with half-filled stomach or when hungry can cause trouble in sleeping.

7. If you are following your diet and exercise regime, and have stopped losing any more weight (or have reached a weight loss plateau), its time you recheck your diet, and be eat more wholesome and nutritious foods to get back on track.

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