Weight Loss: How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight In The Festive Season

Following these simple healthy hacks may help you enjoy the party season guiltlessly!

Weight Loss: How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight In The Festive Season

Christmas is here and while we cannot wait to dig in to all the delectable treats of the festive season, the thought of calorie-overload refuses to leave our mind. Plum cakes, meat loaf, Christmas trifle, sticky toffee pudding, the list of traditional Christmas delicacies is endless. And guess what, majority of nutritionists believe that it is absolutely okay to give into the cravings once in a while, provided you work out enough to burn off those calories later. Following these simple healthy hacks may also help you enjoy the party season guiltlessly!

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Here are some weight loss-friendly tips you can follow in the festive season:


1. Don't Leave For A Party Empty Stomach: Make sure you do not reach the party empty stomach; this increases your chances to binge on anything that you set your eyes on. Try to eat a light or healthy snack like a fruit or a granola bar before you head out


2. Look For Healthier Snacks In The Party: No, you need not starve yourself in the party, just make healthy and wise choices. Ditch the fried and oily snacks for baked and steamed ones like dumplings, tandoori tikkas.

paneer tikka
Weight Loss: Make healthy and wise choices 

3. Avoid Eating With Large Groups: When you are eating with large groups, you tend to lose track of your portion size and end up eating a lot more than you usually would. Eat with smaller groups, take breaks, and eat at small intervals.


4. Opt For More Fruit-Based Desserts: If there is an option in desserts, go for more fruity, nutty and healthy ones, as opposed to the dense, sugary and decadent ones like gulab jamuns and chocolate trifle.



5. Keep Sipping Into Water With Every Glass Of Alcohol: To make sure you do not over-drink and check your liquid calories, keep sipping into water with every glass of alcohol. It is also a wise idea to choose a glass of fresh juices, lemonade, jal jeera over the aerated beverages.


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Keep these tips in mind and indulge wisely. Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!