Weight Loss: 5 Easy Hacks That May Help Boost Weight Loss 

If you are starting your weight loss journey anytime soon, these easy hacks may prove to be a good help.

Weight Loss: 5 Easy Hacks That May Help Boost Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight? By now you must have a checklist of a dozen dos and don'ts you are supposed to keep in mind before you embark upon the overwhelming journey. From your diet and lifestyle to fitness regimen, some of you may have to revamp a lot of things you have been taking for granted. But should you be developing a cold feet just as yet? Not really. It is always advisable to take things slow, especially at the start. If you cut your regular portion size by half the next day, you are very likely to binge into whatever is lying around you to appease those cravings. If you are starting your weight loss journey anytime soon, these easy hacks may prove to be a good help. 

1. Cut Down Salt Intake Especially In Evening: It is a good decision to cut back on salt. High sodium intake leads to water retention and bloating. During evenings our metabolism tends to dip too, which is why it is advised to limit salt intake post 7 P.M. 

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2. Maintain portion control: For a sustainable weight loss, it is imperative to make sure you practice portion control. Instead of having three big meals, break your meals in multiple small meals. Increase the portion of more nutritious food on your plate and cut down the portion of fattening fritters and desserts. 

3. Make Sure You Plan Your Meal Timings Efficiently: For a week, eat all the food as per your usual dietary pattern. Make note of your peak craving time and try to plan your major meal around that time. Make sure you include a lot of fibre-rich foods, so that you are not craving soon after. 

4. Watch Out For Hidden Sugar: If you want to lose weight, it is essential to cut back on sugar. Sugar generates many empty calories, which later leads to fat accumulation. While you limit your desserts, cookies and cakes, make sure you watch out for sugar in unexpected places like cereals, tomato ketchup and condiments too. Do check the labels before purchasing. 

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Weight Loss: Ketchup is often packed withadded sugar

5. Swap Refined Flours For Whole Grain Flours: Refined flours undergo immense processing which depletes them off their nutritional quotient. They have minimal fibres as they lack the outermost husk, which packs the high quality fibres. Whole grain flours are not processed like refined flour, so they are packed with fibres that help keep you satiated for long. Some weight loss-friendly whole-grains you can try are bajra, millet, ragi and amaranth.


Follow these easy tips and let us know how they worked for you in the comments section below.


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