This Article is From Apr 21, 2018

Strong Muscles Could Be An Indication of Strong Brain: 5 Protein Rich Foods

Muscular strength, measured by hand grip could be an indication of how healthy and strong our brains are. Also read about some protein rich foods that can help increase muscle strength

Strong Muscles Could Be An Indication of Strong Brain: 5 Protein Rich Foods
Muscular strength, measured by hand grip could be an indication of how healthy and strong our brains are, claims a new study, emphasizing on the need of encouraging muscle strengthening. According to a latest study published in the journal Schizophrenia Bulletin, our muscle grip could have strong correlation with the health of our brain. 
For the study, the team analysed data collected from the 475,397 participants from all around the UK. According to the findings,stronger people performed better across every test of brain functioning used.

The study included tests that judged their reaction speed, logical problem solving, and multiple different tests of memory.The study from the NICM Health Research Institute and Western Sydney University also revealed that relationships were consistently strong in both people aged under 55 and those aged over 55.

The researchers took several factors into account such as as age, gender, bodyweight and education and confirmed that people who are stronger do indeed tend to have better functioning brains.
People with better handgrip were also shown to have better visual memory and reaction time in over one thousand people with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.
bridges help in stabilising back muscles

Greater muscular grip may be a sign of stronger brain

The researchers believe that there is an evident link between muscular strength and brain health. Further studies are required to investigate the nitty-gritties of the link, People should be encouraged to make their muscle stronger, for instance engage in weight training, noted the researchers. The researchers hinted to a strong possibility that weight training exercises could actually improve both the physical and mental functioning of people with these conditions.

While weight training is an efficient way to strengthen your muscles, your diet plays a significant role too. Proteins are essential for your body as they help in cell growth and development. Your muscles need their regular dose of proteins to grow and function efficiently. There are various sources of dietary protein, both animal and plant based. Here are some of the protein rich foods you should add to your diet now.

1.Chicken: Chicken helps in muscle growth and repair.  Chicken is packed with lean protein that helps you keep satiated for a longer time, because protein helps body burn fat more effectively. Try to have local farm raised chicken or organically raised chicken. Grill, stir-fry or add them in stews for maximum benefits.

2. Eggs: Eggs are famous for their exceptional protein content. Proteins repair muscles, manage blood sugar levels, provide immunity and strength and help in weight loss. Egg protein is highly bio- available and both the egg white and the yolk help support muscle building. 

3.Fish: Much like eggs and chicken, fish is also rich in lean protein. Salmon, trout and mackerel have maximum amount of lean proteins. 

4. Lentils and Pulses: Another excellent source of protein comes via lentils. The Harvard School of Public Health tells us that one cup of cooked lentils provides about 18g of protein and 15g of fibre, and it has virtually no saturated fat or sodium. So load up on your moong dals and masoor and make most of their healthy proteins. 

5. Nuts: Nuts get a bad rep because they are considered relatively fatty, but they are a powerhouse of unsaturated fat (the good kind) and protein. This means that they fill you up faster and for longer, leading you down the road to low BMI, higher life expectancy and even help to stabilise blood sugar.