This Article is From Jul 05, 2022

Zayed Khan On Hrithik Roshan, Fardeen Khan And Sister Sussanne's Boyfriend Arslan Goni

"I think he is a lovely boy. He has a sweetheart nature," Zayed said about Arslan Goni

Zayed Khan On Hrithik Roshan, Fardeen Khan And Sister Sussanne's Boyfriend Arslan Goni

Zayed Khan in a post. (courtesy: itszayedkhan)

New Delhi:

Zayed Khan, who is celebrating his 42nd birthday today, opened up about his equation with Hrithik Roshan in an interview. Hrithik and Zayed's sister Sussanne Khan had been married for almost fourteen years and separated in 2014. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Zayed shared how he considers Hrithik his mentor and that the two are still close. "We are people who don't publicise what we talk about all the time. I have known Hrithik since I was 10. When you know people for that long, you know them from within. No matter if you talk every day or not, when you meet you know exactly where to pick it up," Zayed was quoted as saying.

Calling Hrithik a "brother," the actor said, "I love him from the bottom of my heart. He is one of the most generous, disciplined people I have ever met. He has always been the kind of brother I can speak my heart to. He gives the best advice a brother can. He is honest, critical and sincere. You just can't ask more. My trainer Satya also has helped me in my journey. My wife Malaika is like the wind beneath my wings. You don't need much to take off again."

Zayed also shared his thoughts about Sussanne Khan's relationship with Arslan Goni. "At my age, I find it most important to let people be and live. Whether the person is your brother, sister or friend, just let them be however they want. It's also important to be there when they need you. As far as Arslan is concerned, I think he is a lovely boy. He has a sweetheart nature. And if that is keeping both of them happy, who am I to say anything? At the end of the day, it's just about what makes you happy. While we are very quick to judge, a lot of people talk the talk but don't walk the walk," the actor said.

Zayed Khan, who is going through what he described as a "resurrection" in an Instagram post, was asked to comment on cousin Fardeen Khan's physical transformation. "I'm so proud of him. Fardeen has been through a lot in life. For him to come out this way and accept himself and brave up to see life ahead, speaks volumes about his character. I am deeply moved to see how he has humbled himself that I think only life can teach you," he said. Fardeen Khan, who will be making a comeback in a project titled Visfot, lost extra kilos recently and has been spotted around Mumbai looking in shape.


On the subject of comebacks, Zayed Khan has also finished a new film, details of which he has not released. In April, he detailed his "resurrection" and "transformative journey" in a post in which he promised to share more photos of his new, improved self - which he did. Zayed included Hrithik Roshan in his list of thank yous, calling him "A brother and a mentor."

Zayed Khan, last seen in 2015 film Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene, is known for his work in films like Main Hoon Na, Shabd and Dus.