This Article is From Aug 19, 2022

Twinkle Khanna Likes "Coffee And Maybe Three People." Who Relates?

The former actor shared a video of her on Instagram, questioning people for constantly forcing introverts to be more social.

Twinkle Khanna Likes 'Coffee And Maybe Three People.' Who Relates?

Twinkle Khanna says she likes coffee and maybe three people. (courtesy: twinklerkhanna)

If you're an introvert, you too will relate to Twinkle Khanna's latest Instagram reel. The former actor, who is an avid reader and interior designer by profession, recently shared that she likes coffee and three people. In her latest Instagram post, Twinkle Khanna is seen holding a cup of coffee and lip-syncing to, "I like coffee and maybe three people." In the caption, she explained that "the three people" would be her three friends. Her caption read, "Nothing, but the truth, as my three friends will tell you. If you are an introvert, then you are constantly asked why you are not more sociable. Does anyone tell the extroverts to sit at home and spend quality time with themselves? Agree? Disagree?"
Many of her fans related to her post and commented in agreement.

See her post:

Twinkle Khanna is known for sharing quirky relatable posts on social media.
A few days ago, the former actor shared a video of her playing guitar, asking others what they do to unwind from their long day. She even joked about becoming a master of the art at 80.
She wrote, "After a productive but exhausting day, it was a toss-up between practicing Yoga Nidra or fooling around with my guitar. The latter won. This was the first song I learned to play when I started a few months ago and getting better at it every day. By the time I am 80, I will be a master. What do you do to unwind after a long day?"

Take a look at her post:

Twinkle Khanna left Bollywood after marrying actor Akshay Kumar in 2001.