Shilpa Shinde Defends Tweet With Adult Content After Being Rebuked By Hina Khan And The Internet

Shilpa Shinde slammed those who criticised (including Hina Khan) her saying "Can I not say something in my defense?"

Shilpa Shinde Defends Tweet With Adult Content After Being Rebuked By Hina Khan And The Internet

Shilpa Shinde currently features in a web-series. (Image courtesy: Shilpa Shinde)


  • Where were you when wrong videos were made viral?: Shilpa Shinde
  • Hina Khan and Rocky Jaiswal also criticised Shilpa Shinde
  • Shilpa shared the link of an adult film video to clear her name
New Delhi: Not much has changed in the lives of Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan after Bigg Boss 11. Instead of fighting in the house, the two actresses are now feuding on social media. Earlier this week, Bigg Boss 11 winner, Shilpa shared a link of an adult video on her unverified Twitter account (which is linked to her verified Instagram page) and said that the actress in the film is her lookalike, whose video was circulated in her name in November last year. Twitter reactions were mixed - one section of the Internet applauded Shilpa for clearing her name while another part of the social media schooled her for "irresponsibly" sharing a link of an adult video. Bigg Boss 11 runner up Hina Khan and her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal were in the second group. After two days of being trolled incessantly, on Sunday Shilpa Shinde said: "Those who think I'm wrong, where were you, when such wrong videos made viral. Can I not say something in my defense?"

Hina Khan, who did not see eye to eye with Shilpa during the reality show, slammed her and tweeted: "As a public figure we get a power to be able to reach to millions with just one tweet and at least we should be very careful and responsible. Especially, in these times, real life is not a reality show."

Earlier, Rocky Jaiswal, who fought Shilpa on Hina's behalf several times, tweeted: "Shinde Shilpa, whatever happened with you is unfortunate and you have a right to speak about it but I ask you... do you have a proof of consent of the woman in this video that you can post it?... This is heights of irresponsibility. As you claim being a victim of such acts you should have never done this. I don't care what fans do or say but this is wrong."

Shilpa Shinde became a household name after starring in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai!. She quit the show alleging that one of the show's producers misbehaved with her. She met Vikas Gupta, another producer of Bhabhi Ji..., on Bigg Boss 11 and they became frenemies of sorts. As of now Shilpa Shinde features in web-series Dhan Dhana Dhan with Sunil Grover.

Hina Khan is best known for playing the role of Akshara in television show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. She hasn't announced her next project yet.
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