Bigg Boss 11: A Definitive History Of Shilpa Shinde Vs Hina Khan

Bigg Boss 11: Here's a recap of the fights between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan

Bigg Boss 11: A Definitive History Of Shilpa Shinde Vs Hina Khan

Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11 (Image courtesy: BiggBoss)


  • "Hina Khan treated me like a servant," says Shilpa
  • Hina Khan asked for a live voting at the Bigg Boss 11 finale
  • Shilpa Shinde crushed Hina's Sher Khan mug for revenge
New Delhi: Even though Bigg Boss 11 is over, Shilpa Shinde vs Hina Khan still continues. Both the actresses have given several interviews, stating their experiences and also about each other. Shilpa Shinde, in response to Hina Khan's chawl girl comment, told SpotboyE, "I don't know much about that, but she is more aggressive than a chawl girl. And she was also the mohalle ki aunty." During their Bigg Boss 11 journey, Shilpa and Hina were involved in several arguments. However, in the later few weeks, they played together against Vikas Gupta. But, their friendship couldn't last long. Hina lost to Shilpa in the finale.

It is even alleged that Hina, after getting a fair idea that Shilpa is winning the show, asked for a live voting mid-way. "I think I have won purely on merit. Maybe the live voting was done to convince her," Shilpa Shinde told SpotboyE.

Meanwhile, during one of the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, Hina had alleged that the makers of Bigg Boss 11 and also host Salman Khan, were biased towards Shilpa. Remember, when Salman lashed out at Priyank Sharma for body-shaming Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde? Hina Khan was caught-on-camera saying, "Arey bhai, yeh inhi ka show hai, inhi se chalega. Saaf saaf pata chal raha hai."

Here's a recap of the fights between Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.

When Hina Lashed Out At Shilpa For Using Tap Water While Cooking

Arshi told Hina that she thinks Shilpa uses tap water while cooking food. This made Hina angry and she lashed out at Shilpa and questioned her. A heated argument between Hina and Shilpa followed. Sometime later in the show, Hina alleged that Shilpa wastes food. In turn, Shilpa stopped cooking for Hina.

Hina Treated Me Like A Servant: Shilpa

In an interview to mid-day, Shilpa said, "It's not easy to cook for 20 people. If I made extra food, they would complain; if it fell short, it was again an issue. Hina squirmed if the food was stale. Despite doing everything [I could], she wasn't appreciative. She treated me like a servant."

When Salman Khan Lashed At Hina For Not Taking A Stand For Shilpa When Priyanka Body-Shamed Her

In one of the episodes, Priyank Sharma fat-shamed Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan, in front of Hina Khan. Salman blasted Priyank and questioned Hina for not taking a stand for a girl. This made Hina very angry.

Hina Brands Shilpa Shinde As Unhygienic

During one of the episodes, Hina Khan got Akash Dadlani, Arshi Khan, and Vikas Gupta in the luggage area and pointed out towards Shilpa Shinde's corner, branding her 'unhygienic' for her make-up and dirty clothes lying all over the corner.

Did Hina Khan Call Shilpa Shinde A Chawl Girl?

Hina reportedly made a vile comment about Shilpa Shinde during a conversation with Arshi, During her interview with SpotboyE, Shilpa Shinde responded to Hina's comment saying, "I don't know much about that, but she is more aggressive than a chawl girl. And she was also the Mohalle ki aunty."

When Hina Khan Accused Shilpa Shinde Of Not Performing Tasks

Hina Khan throughout their journey in indicted Shilpa for not participating in the tasks, to which Shilpa Shinde responded, "I know others are saying that I do nothing but only kitchen work, but I want to say that I have no regrets working much harder than others because I think I am the only participant who not only participates in tasks but also continue to carry out the responsibility of cooking for people," quoted IANS. During the 'meanest contender' task Shilpa Shinde reiterated all the accusations by crushing Hina Khan's 'Sher Khan' her mug to become the meanest contestant after all.


Hina Khan Demeaning Shilpa Shinde Over Their Celebrity Status

During one of the infamous fights between Hina Khan-Priyanka-Sharma-Luv Tyagi and Shilpa Shinde-Arshi Khan, Hina Khan got spiteful with her words and shouted at Shilpa Shinde saying, "Tumhari tarah ghunghat me shooting nahi ki maine, apna death sequence complete karke show leave kiya tha."

Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma were the final four contestants on Bigg Boss 11.

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