Rajinikanth's Kaala: 10 Things To Know About The Film

In Kaala, Rajinikanth plays the leader of Dharavi residents in their fight against a politician, who wants to uproot the slum

Rajinikanth's Kaala: 10 Things To Know About The Film

Rajinikanth in Kaala. (Image courtesy: YouTube)

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  1. Kaala released amidst major fanfare today
  2. Kaala also stars Nana Patekar and Huma Qureshi
  3. The film is produced by Dhanush and directed by Pa Ranjith
Ready or not, Rajinikanth is all set to take over your weekend with his new film Kaala, which released today. Rajinikanth's film had featured in headlines for various reasons including the ban on the film's release in Karnataka, its pre-release business and some other facts about the film and its team, which we have compiled here. Kaala features Nana Patekar as the antagonist opposite Rajinikanth and the film also stars Huma Qureshi and Eshwari Rao. Rajinikanth plays the role of the 'King of Dharavi,' said to one the biggest slums of Mumbai. Kaala is story Kaala Karikaalan's journey and how he helps the locals in their fight against a corrupt and selfish politician, who is hell-bent on uprooting the Dharavi residents to make space for a luxury project.

As promised, here are 10 things about Kaala, which may make your day.

#1 The Onscreen-Offscreen Leader:Kaala is Rajiniknath's first film after he announced his political debut in December 2017. In his speech on December 31, Rajinikanth said he was entering into politics to "change the system." This sentiment is echoed by his onscreen persona in Kaala. His character, Kaala Karikaalan, is unofficially appointed by the Dharavi dwellers to take up their case against the politician who wants to do away with the slum. Karikaalan decides to take matters into his own hands to change the system.

#2 Dharavi Moves To Chennai: Though Rajinikanth filmed parts of the film in Mumbai, a major part of the film was shot in Chennai, for which Dharavi was recreated in Chennai. Speaking about shooting in faux Dharavi, Rajinikanth told NDTV: "The Dharavi setting in Chennai gave me a unique experience. It's very difficult to explain. I felt as if I was in Dharavi during filming."

#3 Rajinikanth's Midas Touch: Anything Rajinikanth touches becomes worth crores, including the dog which featured on the poster with him. According to an Indian Express report, the dog's owner was offered Rs 2 crore to pass its ownership but he refused.

#4 Rajinikanth's Midas Touch, Part 2: It's not the doggo. The (Mahindra) Thar, on which Rajinikanth poses in another poster, is now on the wishlist of Mahindra & Mahindra CEO Anand Mahindra. "Whoever knows the whereabouts of the #Thar used for this shoot please let us know. I'd like to acquire it for our company auto museum," he tweeted once upon a time.

#5 The Curious Case Of Many Twos: After the success of 2015 film Kabali, Rajinikanth and Pa Ranjth collaborated for the second time in Kaala. Like Kabali, the new film also features Rajinikanth as a benevolent gangster.

#6 From U To U/A, Again: This is another case of twos but deserves a category of its own. Kaala is Rajinikanth second film which was passed with U/A certificate by the Central Board Of Film certification. His last film which was certified U/A was 1991's Thalapathi. All of Rajinikanth's other films are certified 'U'.

#7 Being Multi-Lingual: Unlike many of Rajinikanth's films, Kaala was simultaneously filmed in Hindi and Tamil and then dubbed in other languages. At an event for the promotion of Kaala in Hyderabad, Rajinikanth said that he is confident that Kaala would be appreciated by the Telugu speaking audience as well.

#8 Kaala Gets An Emoji: Everyone wants a piece of Kaala, even Twitter. Therefore, Kaala got an emoji because Kaala Karikaalan has "next level swag."

#9 More About The "Next Level Swag": Rajinikanth's leaves a strong impression on the viewers and the film's pre-release collection (Rs 230 crore) proves that. Rajinikanth's film needs another 280 crore to secure its hit status.

#10 When The Wait For Kaala Began: Several months after Dhanush announced the film, the trailer of Kaala hit the Internet and how. It recorded over 14 million views in 40 hours.

Now share these facts about Kaala to impress your friends in the Rajinikanth fan club. You're welcome.

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