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Mira Rajput And Shahid Kapoor, Stop With The PDA Already

Shahid Kapoor's comment on Mira Rajput's post garnered over 1,600 likes in a few hours

Mira Rajput And Shahid Kapoor, Stop With The PDA Already

Shahid Kapoor shared this photo (courtesy shahidkapoor)


  • Mira shared an IGTV video about hair care
  • "Why so beautiful?" commented Shahid
  • Mira responded with a cheeky reply
New Delhi:

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor are couple goals, no really. They recently found a spot on the trends list owing to their Instagram PDA. Mira Rajput, who recently started interacting with her Instafam through IGTV, shared a video about her hair care routine, which turned out to be a huge hit with her followers. Shahid too dropped in to check out his wife Mira Rajput's video and he couldn't help but share his takeaway in the form of a comment. "Why so beautiful?" Shahid commented on Mira's post, to which she came up with a cheeky reply. Mira, who listed down a list of products she uses for her hair care routine, wrote: "Wait for Part - 2. Hope you still love me."

Mira was perhaps referring to the bit where she talks about how she hijacked Shahid Kapoor's favourite beard brush to deal with her baby hair. "It's gone back and forth between the two of us so many times that it's literally a fight that who owns it more. So, he's gone and got himself his own one now."

Take a look at Mira Rajput's posts here and Shahid Kapoor's comment below:


Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput got married in 2015 and they welcomed Misha in 2016. Baby Zain was born to the couple in 2018. Mira recently trended a great deal for her DIY decor ideas for Zain and Misha's birthday parties at home - Misha celebrated her 3rd birthday on August 26 while Zain's birthday was on September 5.

Another Quarantine Birthday 🎂 After planning a detailed, game intensive and theme-packed birthday for the lady of the house, I was quite lazy to get up and do yet another one in ten days! But nothing like Pinterest and good old mom-guilt to get you right back on your toes to start all over again. Buddy boy is obsessed with anything that goes vroom: trucks, bikes, tractors, cars, fire engines and his most favourite the JCB Digger. You can catch him in the hot summer afternoon playing with his trucks in the mud totally and utterly in a state of bliss. So this theme combined his love for both vehicles and construction (also because it was just easier to widen the theme basket a bit and I was in love with the tractor shaped napkins😜) I used whatever creativity I had left to deck up the place and inflated a pool for the entertainment. All parents know that nothing keeps kids engaged longer than a pool with a side of fries. A trunk full of cars, my decoration box and the cutest printables made the whole theme come together. I managed to get the backdrop online along with the pun-intended signboards. Caution tape and digger toothpicks brought the whole theme together. I forgot to click a picture of the returns which was my favourite go-to wrapping; newspaper with caution tape wrapped all around. We reused the tassels from last time and kept theme colours to match the decor. I found that going for a solid coloured plate with themed napkin makes for a smarter solution. If you have extra leftover, you can use it for another celebration, dressed with a different napkin. By the time the sun went down, the kids were famished and happily exhausted, so it was a quick scurry around the table before the Khoi bag popped and confetti laden kids were off! This one was quick and easy! I'm sure all you Mum's know those two words are GOLDEN when it comes to a birthday!

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Quarantine Birthday 🎂 My kids' birthdays are ten days apart and I had this dreamy idea when my son was born, that I'd combine their parties for as long as Khoi bags are interesting, and save myself the stress and planning that goes into kiddie parties. Because really, the unnecessary bar has been set quite high by too many, and some of them can be as tedious as weddings. And when better to economise on stress than during this time. Missy however had another plan in mind and complained to Papa that she wants a birthday of her own and doesn't want to share her special day.. We caved and melted. For Misha, nothing tops Peppa. But instead of a full blown Peppa Fest, we made it kind of a technicolour carnival with bits of the lovable piggy. The decorations were all made by us and the fam (the DIY ones you get online) while watching some Netflix, as well as some I saved from her first birthday. The backdrop was a hand-me-down from my neice's Peppa fiesta and cute printables brought the whole theme together from @studio_psd @printsolutionsdesign. It was so much fun, with musical chairs, a treasure hunt of weird Peppa erasers hidden all over in the garden, tug of war (Us vs the kids: no guesses on who won) and the good old Khoi bag. The menu must-have on my list was wafers and fruity along with the good ol' party favourites that were pizza, noodles, Nutella sandwiches and jelly. It was all sorts of warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic! The kiddie birthday I always wanted to throw: intimate, full of memories and an after party mess 😜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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In terms of work, Shahid Kapoor will next be seen in sports drama Jersey.