When Mandira Bedi Did 33 Handstands In A Row. See What She Posted

The video is giving us major fitness inspiration

When Mandira Bedi Did 33 Handstands In A Row. See What She Posted

Mandira Bedi in a still from the video. (courtesy mandirabedi)


  • Manidra Bedi posted an Instagram Reel
  • Mandira Bedi is a fitness enthusiast
  • The video happens to be from her workout session
New Delhi:

Good morning, Mandira Bedi. Thanks for the much-needed weekend motivation post. The actress has wished her online family a “strong, brave morning”. Wait, it is not a statement postcard. We have a video here. And, it will give you all the inspiration you need to get up from bed and sweat it out. Really? Oh, yes. We see Mandira performing handstands. But, with a twist. She doesn't stay in that pose for more than two seconds and lands on her feet. Then, the actress repeats it again and again. Wow. Can you guess how many handstands she has performed? 33. Mandira wrote it in her caption. “Here's wishing a strong, brave morning to all of you. Only onwards, upwards and maybe upside downwards too. Did 33 handstands today. These 11 were in a row.. Feeling..,” it read. 

In the background, we can hear Brave by Sara Bareilles. The video has recorded more than 64K views on the platform.

Mandira Bedi is a fitness enthusiast and she tries to motivate her fans and admirers by posting updates from her workout diaries. See how Mandira makes her “morning count”. Nothing special, she just performed a wall sit exercise. For how long? The caption will answer this question. “Sat around early this morning waiting for the penny to drop…(And, till my knees started shaking).” Hope you got the answer.

Just Look at that post-workout glow on Mandira Bedi's face

And, when she is not inspiring us with her jaw-dropping workout videos, Mandira Bedi tries to sprinkle some positivity. From thoughtful messages on life to expressing her gratitude for all the love, Mandira is grateful for everything in her life. Earlier this month, Mandira picked a throwback picture from her family album and wrote a note dedicated to her parents. “Taking care of a family and bringing up kids takes a lot. The patience, support, love and kindness through the crests and troughs...Keeping a brave, smiling face, even when the going gets tough…And, instilling solid values even at the cost of being unpopular sometimes. I am so grateful for my family and their upbringing...I believe it holds me in good stead today,” Mandira wrote. 

The frame features a little Mandira Bedi, her brother and their parents, Gita Bedi and  Verinder Singh Bedi. 

Mandira Bedi and workout sessions are a match made in heaven. Agree?