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Kangana Ranaut's Sister Rangoli Denies Actress Is Helping Sunaina Roshan For Own Benefit

Kangana just wants to make sure that the Roshans don't harm Sunaina, Rangoli Chandel claimed

Kangana Ranaut's Sister Rangoli Denies Actress Is Helping Sunaina Roshan For Own Benefit

Rangoli Chandel claimed the Roshans are 'physically assaulting' Sunaina. (Image courtesy: Rangoli_A)


  • Rangoli said Kangana wants to make sure the Roshans won't harm Sunaina
  • Sunaina's crying all the time and asking Kangana Ranaut for help: Rangoli
  • Hrithik has not issued a statement on the recent developments
New Delhi:

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel, who has been her sister's proxy in the controversy about Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina, has used her latest tweets to reject suggestions that Kangana has turned Sunaina's personal crisis to her own advantage. In response to a now deleted tweet from Kamaal R Khan, Rangoli argued that helping Sunaina isn't getting Kangana 'justice' and asked how Kangana wanting to ensure that Sunaina's 'criminal' family don't harm her is not equal to 'Sunaina helping Kangana.' Rangoli also shared the interview Sunaina Roshan gave to Pinkvilla, writing: "A man who can hit his own grown up daughter, a brother who has no spine to keep his words, such shameless people. No matter what the issue is, you can't hit her or stop her from meeting her friends because they are Muslims. Hope she takes legal action against these criminals."

Read Rangoli Chandel's tweets - the latest of many - here:

The Roshan family crisis, revealed by Sunaina's many interviews and Rangoli's tweets, has gripped social media this last week. Several, like Hrithik and Sunaina's cousin Eshaan Roshan, son of Rajesh Roshan, have wondered why Kangana and Rangoli appear to have involved themselves in a private family matter.

Meanwhile, in her interview with Pinkvilla, Sunaina Roshan alleged that her father Rakesh Roshan and family members are against her relationship with a Muslim journalist. She claimed that her father hit her and said that Hrithik Roshan went back on his words to support her and added, "Everybody is harassing me today." She has spoken and tweeted repeatedly about 'living in hell.'

Sunaina Roshan's interview was published on Pinkvilla overnight, just hours after Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife Sussanne Khan issued a statement in the favour of the Roshans. She said that 'Sunaina is in an unfortunate situation,' and added: "Sunaina's father is undergoing a major health crisis. Her mother is herself vulnerable to say the least. Please respect a family's tough periods, each family goes through such times."

Sussanne posted her statement on Instagram:

Rakesh Roshan is fighting cancer; Sunaina herself is a cancer survivor. Hrithik Roshan, with whom Kangana Ranaut has conducted a bitter and protracted feud over a disputed romance, has not commented.

He is currently awaiting the release of Super 30 on July 12.