Inside Raghu Ram And Natalie Di Luccio's Date At Home With Mood Music And "Rationed" Drinks

A glimpse of Raghu Ram and Natalie's "date night" at home

Inside Raghu Ram And Natalie Di Luccio's Date At Home With Mood Music And 'Rationed' Drinks

Raghu Ram with wife Natalie. (courtesy: instaraghu)


  • Raghu shared a glimpse of his date at home
  • "You still manage to make it all so magical," he wrote
  • "Can't wait for our next one," he added
New Delhi:

Raghu Ram and his wife Natalie Di Luccio managed to have a "magical" date night at home with some romantic music and "rationed" red wine. Raghu shared a picture from his date night on his Instagram profile and the caption on his post read: "About last night. Another stay home date night. Put baby to bed, shower, wore going-out clothes, dim the lights, put romantic music on, focus on each other and had the most engaging conversations while slowly sipping on rationed red wine... You still manage to make it all so magical! Can't wait for our next one."

Take a look at the post here:

Raghu and Natalie welcomed their son Rhythm in January, this year. Natalie shared the first picture of Rhythm and she wrote: "I am Rhythm. I was born at the moment of creation, I permeate the universe, like light, like love. I am present in the very ebb and flow of life. I can be felt in every heartbeat. You can hear me in every song. I can be found in the changing of seasons and in raindrops falling on a face turned up to the heavens. I cannot be contained in any one culture. I transcend countries and continents. I am global. Nay, I am Cosmic, eternal. I am Rhythm. Hello world."


Raghu Ram was previously married to actress Sugandha Garg. The couple got divorced in January 2018. He is best known for hosting MTV India reality shows such as Roadies, Dropout Pvt Ltd and Splitsvilla, all of which he produced. He's also featured in a few Bollywood movies such as Tees Maar Khan and Jhoota Hi Sahi.