This Article is From Mar 21, 2023

Inside Alanna Panday And Ivor McCray's "Enchanted Forest" Themed Big, Fat Wedding

"Alanna wanted a modern yet enchanted look and feel for her wedding since she's so connected with the elements in nature," the wedding designer said

Inside Alanna Panday And Ivor McCray's 'Enchanted Forest' Themed Big, Fat Wedding

Ivor McCray with Alanna Panday got married in Mumbai last week. (Image credit: House on the Clouds)

New Delhi:

Model Alanna Panday married her longtime boyfriend Ivor McCray in Mumbai last week in a dreamy ceremony, which was attended by close friends and family members. Wedding designer and founder of The A-Cube Project, Ambika Gupta decodes what made Alanna and Ivor's wedding picture-perfect. Keeping up with the couple's modern aesthetic sense, the wedding designer gave a "modern yet enchanted look" for the "enchanted forest" themed ceremony. Sharing the details, wedding designer Ambika Gupta said, "Alanna wanted a modern yet enchanted look and feel for her wedding since she's so connected with the elements in nature. We wanted to make the 10 Pillar Ballroom at the Taj part of the landscape, so we zeroed in on creating an Enchanted forest with a rich foliage wallpaper, and deconstructed/ruined arches but with plush material such as acrylic with gold accents. Cascading valleys of Alanna's favorite florals, lady's lace filled the space alongside fog to add an enchanted touch creating a surreal and dreamy setting as the couple took their Pheras. It felt like you walked into a dreamscape."


Inside Alanna Panday's wedding. (Image credit: House on the Clouds)


Inside Alanna Panday's wedding. (Image Credit: House on the Clouds)


Inside Alanna Panday's wedding. (Image Credit: House on the Clouds)

About the couple's decision to wear white outfits on their big day, Ambika Gupta said that the palette was inspired by the couple's Instagram feed. The wedding also endorsed sustainability. "She really wants to give back in any way she can and so we created hampers for the street children in Carter Road where she grew up. We are recycling the flowers to make potpourri and using recyclable bags for the gifts that we sourced from NGOs. We also made sure that everything from the pre-wedding hamper to the wedding favors is sustainable," added Ambika Gupta.


Inside Alanna Panday's wedding.

Ambika Gupta decoded the couple's haldi ceremony aesthetics as well and added, "They love Italy and so the haldi was themed around its sun-drenched beauty. We replicated an Italian farmer's market where guests could fill their bags with any goodie they wanted. We also created an intimate and informal grazing table for guests and also a larger, more formal setting for a sumptuous three-course meal."

The wedding designer added, "What we achieved, in the end, was not just a picture-perfect wedding but the celebration of the core values of the couple and I hope when they look back at this day a few years from now, they will do so with great joy."

Alanna Panday, who lives in Los Angeles, is the daughter of fitness expert and author Deanne Panday and Chikki Panday (who is the brother of actor Chunky Panday). She got engaged to Ivor in 2021.