Erica Fernandes On Nepotism: "Got To Know Through Media That I Was Replaced"

On the work front, Erica Fernandes is currently seen in Love Adhoora

Erica Fernandes On Nepotism: 'Got To Know Through Media That I Was Replaced'

Erica Fernandes shared this image. (courtesy:iam_ejf)

New Delhi:

Erica Fernandes recently opened up about her journey in the entertainment industry, shedding light on the challenges she encountered while transitioning from television to movies. Erica Fernandes discussed various factors such as nepotism and societal perceptions of appearance that affected her career opportunities, leading to instances of disappointment and missed chances. In an interview with Galatta India, Erica Fernandes recounted a particular incident from her experience in the South Indian film industry, where she was initially cast in a project but later discovered through media reports that she had been replaced by a "known face".

Reflecting on the prevalence of nepotism in the industry, Erica Fernandes expressed how it often resulted in opportunities slipping away, with roles being given to individuals with established connections or familial ties in the industry. She said, “There was a time when I was in a South film that I shot for 2-3 days, and after that, I got to know through the media that I was replaced. Then again I've been asked questions of ‘why not Bollywood'. There have been times where you've gone to audition, get to the moment where okay, almost final, then you get replaced by someone who is a known face or someone who is a known face's child; nepotism happens.”

Furthermore, Erica Fernandes opened up about the scrutiny she faced regarding her appearance, revealing how body-shaming comments impacted her self-esteem during her formative years. " “I know what I have dealt with in the past. I've gone through a lot because of being thin, and it has cost me a lot of projects. It has cost me my self-esteem. But again, see, with those kinds of rejections and everything that happened, it just made me stronger. It just helped me to deal with things in a better way," Erica Fernandes shared.

Addressing the transition from movies to television, Erica said that she is committed to her craft, regardless of the medium. She said, " And then all of those contribute to whatever experiences or how you kind of proceed with whatever comes next. So when I came from movie to TV again, people questioned me why from movie you're going to TV. For me, that didn't matter because for me, my work is my work, and I take pride in my work, be it any platform or any format. I came to TV.”

On the work front, Erica Fernandes is currently seen in Love Adhoora.