Anshula Kapoor's Post On Body Positivity Gets A Shout Out From Brother Arjun Kapoor

She recollected the times when she was embarrassed by her body and chose to neglect it

Anshula Kapoor's Post On Body Positivity Gets A Shout Out From Brother Arjun Kapoor

Anshula Kapoor shared this image. (courtesy: anshulakapoor)


  • Anshula wrote about dealing with body image issues
  • "This body has helped me survive 30 years," she wrote
  • "She's been with me through emotional eating food binges," she added
New Delhi:

Anshula Kapoor is learning how to love herself "in all her glory". Her latest Instagram post is a huge step towards accepting herself despite all her flaws and foibles. While staying in home isolation due to COVID-19, Anshula posted a poem written by Hollie Holden. The poem speaks volumes about body positivity. Anshula's caption adds more to it with insights from her personal life. She started the note on these lines, "Dark circles. Stretch marks. Cellulite. Soft belly. Loose skin. Love handles. White hair. Wrinkles...I am learning to love it all." Anshula, who turned 30 only a few days ago, added, "This body has helped me survive 30 years, she's helped me heal, she's helped me breathe, she's helped me show love and receive love. She's helped me live through grief, pain, joy and everything in between."

Anshula Kapoor recollected her phases of emotional eating, insomnia and fad diets in her long caption. Anshula wrote about her body, "She's been with me through emotional eating food binges and she's also survived through every fad diet I've put her through. She's helped me survive through nights and nights of insomnia, and she's also helped me experience happiness in so many little and big ways."

Anshula Kapoor found ways to appreciate herself in lines like, "She's fought her way back from every physical and mental setback." Anshula added, "She's literally a visual depiction of my life so far, and I am grateful for her in more ways than I can count."

Anshula Kapoor came full circle when accepting her body as it is. She wrote, "She has expanded with and shrunk with me so that she could accommodate everything I was going through mentally and physically. The least I can do is appreciate her in all her glory, her good parts and bad."

Anshula Kapoor's words held a promise to herself. "So even on the days I get frustrated with her limitations, I'm going to continue to love her. I am going to continue to listen to her and treat her the best I know. Loving her and accepting her is so very new to me," she wrote.

To end her note, Anshula Kapoor spoke about the days when she was embarrassed by her body. She wrote, "I have gone through years of being ashamed of her and I've neglected her.. but I'm trying to be done with that and show her grace and kindness and respect. Because even though I am more than just my body, in so many ways she is what makes me, me."

Anshula Kapoor's post received red hearts from her brother Arjun Kapoor. She was also appreciated by Maheep Kapoor and Riddhima Kapoor among other people.